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Hair Parting Ideas: 21 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Part

Before you go pick up that straightener or curling iron, there’s an even easier way to switch up your hair look. Instead of changing the texture, simply change your hair part. Switching up your part can make an old haircut feel like a new one and, in most cases, it takes seconds to do. Best of all, you don’t even need to worry about your part being perfectly straight.

If you normally wear your hair parted in one particular way or you just let your mane do its own thing, it’s easy to forget about what a difference parting your locks in a different place can do for your hair and your entire face. It really is one of the cheapest and simplest makeovers around. If you’ve ever looked at a celeb photo and thought they looked different, but you couldn’t figure out what the deal was, it was probably that they switched up their part.

If you think that hair parts start and end with center and side parts, it’s time to expand your mind. There are multiple variations you can create with just a comb and maybe a bit of hair gel. And if you want to make your new part really stand out, you can even add some glitter to it.

Keep reading for some hair parting ideas you’ll want to try stat.

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