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Hair Mousse: Why You Should Be Using Mousse

Back in the day, like the 80s, hair mousse was a mainstay. But it fell out of favor by the time the 2000s rolled around. Since beauty trends, much like fashion trends, tend to repeat, it makes sense that mousse is back in fashion beauty.

Thankfully, hair mousse has come a long way. Forget the crunchy, flaky mousses from decades past. The newest formulas leave hair super soft, incredibly silky, ultra hydrated and completely frizz-free. Not to mention imparting volume to spare. We’re talking sky high, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Mousse is now so good, in fact, it can replace an arsenal of hair styling products. You can swap everything from leave-in conditioner to thickening spray to shine serum for one can of mousse. So adding it to your hair care routine will actually SAVE you money. And plenty of steps, ideal for your new resolution to go minimal in 2022.

So pick up one of these new hair mousse formulas. This is not a case where one type fits all. There’s a variation for every hair type. No matter the formula, it will completely streamline your morning routine. Because we’ve all got better things to do than spend an hour getting ready.

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