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Hailey Bieber WSJ. Magazine Spring 2022

Kristina O’Neill has the Midas touch. Covers of WSJ. Magazine with Ashley Graham, Amanda Gorman, Kim Kardashian and Karlie Kloss over the last 12 months have all turned into pure gold. Not to mention a joyous Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy and Shalom Harlow cover which was one of 2021’s best. Now for Spring 2022, Hailey Bieber strikes a confident pose donning a red cut-out jumpsuit and killer heels from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2022 collection before the lens of Angelo Pennetta.


The cover immediately ignited debate on our forums. “Did she launch a brand or get a big role on something? Why is she EVERYWHERE?” asked abstraccion.

“There are models that can pull off blue eyeshadow and Hailey is definitely not one of those. Maybe with this skin care line she finally has something else to promote beside her husband,” voiced THD96.

“As always with Hailey, it just looks cheap,” Ghesquiere32 chimed in.

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“How on earth is it possible that they approved that badly Photoshopped cover?” wondered Xone.

“Guillotined her with Photoshop…” proclaimed zoom.

“Minus the eye makeup (and the Photoshop blunder around the neck area), I like this and have always found Hailey Bieber less offensive than most others. The red on red wins me over and I will never complain at the sight of this Saint Laurent collection by Anthony Vaccarello,” approved vogue28.

“I have to say, this cover impressed me quite a bit. I love the styling, the red background and the makeup so overall it works for me,” confessed [Piece Of Me].

“I think she’s gorgeous and not a terrible model, but yeah, the nepotism of it all will always be annoying,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

See more from Hailey’s Spring 2022 cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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