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Hailey Bieber Used To Be A Ballet Dancer

Hi Hailey Bieber, if you’re reading this, we just have one question – is there anything you can’t do?

We’ve long-known that the model, fashion designer and now beauty brand owner (anyone else overly excited for the Rhode Skin launch?!) is a pretty impeccable example of a human being, but what we’re only just discovering is that her skillset stretches far beyond we had imagined. It only takes one glance at a photo or video of Hailey to see that she always carries herself with poise, and though you might have chalked this up to brilliant media training, growing up in the public eye or just above average natural posture, it’s actually likely down to a recent discovery that has sent the internet into meltdown.

She used to be a BALLERINA. 

If this comes as news to you, well, same, and we’re not the only ones judging by the comments that a TikTok video revealing the socialite’s past hobby has received. 

The video, which includes a montage of clips from Hailey’s dance career, was uploaded by user @Bizzlesveryown and is captioned: “This also explains how she always look so elegant.”

It includes a, quite-frankly, eye-wateringly cute clip of the star at aged five dressed in what looks like a ballgown and daintily pirouetting across a stage with the poise of a gazelle. The video explains that “Hailey Bieber used to be a ballet dancer for 12 years,” and that she only quit because she suffered a “career-ending injury” and then became a model (which makes it sound like a super-easy transition, even though we struggle to move from our bed to our kitchen sometimes).  

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The TikTok video plays a variety of different moments from shows that Hailey Bieber performed in, including several stills of her performing perfectly-executed lifts dressed in an embellished pink leotard, looking effortlessly flawless as always. 

Unsurprisingly, the compilation has caused quite a response on the video sharing app and beyond, with almost 8 million views, 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments. “Whaaat…, get out!! Totally explains her delicate nature now,” one stunned fan wrote, while another added: “what i love her even more now 😭.”

And those who know a thing or two about ballet were just as impressed too: “She did a triple pirouette EN POINTE 😳😳. Now i know y’all ain’t calling that untalented,” said one, with one TikTok user commenting: “This is really high level stuff, this ain’t no Sunday ballet class hobby stuff.”

Many also chalked her elegance on the catwalk, and tbh just down the street, to her time on the stage, while others suggested she should be cast in the next Hollywood ballet-inspired movie

However, true HB fans might find this news less surprising, as the model has actually previously spoken about how ballet has shaped the way she sees the world and influenced how she views movement.

She discussed attending New York’s American Ballet Theatre during the summer throughout her teenage years, telling V Magazine: “I used to be a ballet dancer, and I think watching ballet has totally shaped how I see and feel movement.

“It has inspired me so much.”

She also went on to say that she moved into modelling after her injury as she was “inspired by seeing the imagery come to life through the clothes, hair, and make-up” and that she loved “being transformed and seeing myself in so many different ways”.

Basically, it’s exactly as Justin Bieber told us in his song Hailey, dedicated to his wife of four years, “nothing can compare to you,” Mrs Beiber, and this just confirms it. 

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