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Hailey Bieber thinks Met Gala is ‘cursed’ after breaking foot twice

Hailey Bieber has joked that the Met Gala is “cursed” after breaking the same foot two years in a row.

Appearing on Ellen, which was being guest-hosted by comedian Yvonne Orji, the 24-year-old explained: “The first time I ever went to the Met, the morning after, I twisted my ankle and broke my foot. It was a whole thing!”

She added that, a year later, she did exactly the same thing: “The year after, 365 days to the day, because it was midnight of the Met Gala, I broke the same foot,” Bieber added. “But, the bone next to the one I broke the year before.”

Bieber has attended the Costume Institute Gala annually for the past six years in a row – besides 2020 which was cancelled due to the pandemic – and broke her ankle following the 2015 and 2016 events.

“I had this whole thing in my head where I was like, the night of the Met Gala or the 24 hours within the Met Gala are cursed for me,” she told Orji.

“It happened the two times and it hasn’t happened since, knock on wood.”

Bieber attended this year’s Met Gala – which celebrated American designers and American fashion – with her husband of three years, Justin.

The 2021 event was held on 13 September, and marked the first time they had attended as a couple – Hailey in a floor-length Saint Laurent gown and Justin in a suit from his own label, Drew House.

During her Ellen interview, Bieber also discussed with Orji what they consider to be “red flags” in a relationship.

When Orji said that someone not going to therapy is a red flag to her, Bieber said that therapy is “not always accessible to every person”.

She added: “Some people can’t afford it and some people don’t have access to it so I think that’s really unfortunate.”

However, she said that therapy is something that couples should consider if they are thinking about marriage.

She continued: “​​I would say that if you are in a really serious relationship with someone or you’re engaged or you think you’re heading towards being married, I think getting into therapy is something that’s really important.”

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