Gym & Fitness Exercise Workout App With CMS + AdMob + GDPR – Android & iOS

Gym & Fitness Exercise Workout App With CMS + AdMob + GDPR – Android & iOS

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Gym & Fitness Exercise Workout App is a fitness app for Android ( Google Play, Amazon App Store, Samsung, Huawei, LG App Store ) and iOS ( Apple App store ) with CMS, AdMob ads and GDPR support. Create your own workout routines in no time with our seamless CMS experience. Just add your images and define several parameters, and the app is ready to publish to an .apk or/and .ipa file. All graphic assets are located in one library folder, which makes reskinning efficient and easy to manage.

Key features:

  • Intensity adjustment,
  • BMI calculator: metric and imperial,
  • Health status,
  • Training statistics,
  • Customizable workouts,
  • Rest time,
  • Beautiful and clean UI (all assets included),
  • Fully scalable content,
  • Supported ad providers include AdMob with GDPR (supported ad formats: banner, interstitial),
  • Content Mangement System – PHP and MySQL (Live Updates – add new categories and exercises,… whenever you like),
  • Unlimited amount of categories and exercises (add as much content as you like),
  • Easily reusable to create numerous thematic apps,
  • Support any language,
  • Step by step guide for beginners,
  • Compatible platforms: Android ( from 4.4 to latest ), iOS ( from 7 to latest ) – support 32 and 64 bit
  • App engine: AIR, Flash or Animate,
  • CMS engine: PHP, jQuery, CSS, JS, MySQL. Mobile friendly with support for all types of browsers.
  • Easy to reskin

You need to have Adobe Flash CS6/CC or Animate CC installed on your PC/MAC (you can get a trial from Adobe’s website). A detailed guide with screenshots will explain where you need to click in order to export the project to the android .apk or ios .ipa file. Typical web hosting that supports PHP with MySQL database is also required to install on it your CMS.

Questions and Answers:

  • YES all information are managed from the admin panel
  • YES you use 1 admin panel to manage everything: Android App, iOS App
  • YES it’s very easy to use – even for beginners ( All the biggest problems we solved: scalable content, communication with server, difference solution for difference platform and market )

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