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Get The Look: Miranda Kerr

Effortless, timeless and with a lusted-after glow, Andre Sarmiento creates the perfect looks for cover shoots and coffee dates. Here’s how he does it…

When we shot Miranda Kerr for our October cover shoot, we had to use makeup that befits her busy life. From juggling interior design, an organic skincare brand and redefining family life Kerr needed a look that a lot of women do these days.

“If you get me, you get all of me,” explained Kerr in her cover interview. And, the makeup artist Andre Sarmiento took this and ran. Combining Miranda’s perfected Kora prepping products with some of the beauty industry’s most tried and tested products, the painter created the perfect look that highlights Kerr’s ubiquitous beauty. 

How can you get the look? 

Step one – skin 

 What better way to prep the skin than with products from the clean-beauty mogul’s brand? Andre began with Miranda’s own Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream, £49, a perfect radiance-boosting and smoothing product to wake up the skin for a long day on set. Coupled with the golden combination of KORA Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturiser, £52 and Noni Glow Face Oil, £22, Miranda got a natural dose of radiance. The three skin products harness the best bits of the natural world – cloudberry is a one-stop-shop for antioxidants and turmeric works as an anti-inflammatory to soothe any redness – to boost and brighten the skin. 

Step two – base 

After letting the skincare goodness get to work, Miranda wasn’t getting off of the glow train when it came to foundation. Using the cult Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, £34 to prime and highlight the skin in one sweep, the makeup artist not only created the perfect base for foundation but also gave Miranda something she oozes already – star-lit skin. SUQQUs The Cream Foundation, £68 was applied on top of this, which blends into the skin thanks to an intricate formula of Japanese beauty extracts.

Step three – sculpting

The next step was to define Miranda’s features. Adding a little more Hollywood, Andre applied the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, £29. The product is the perfect subtle sculpting device that blends into the skin for perfect dimension. Miranda’s eyes got the same treatment as her cheekbones, a quick blend of the product in the crease of the eyelid provides the perfect backdrop for popping eyes, and it cuts out product from an already heavy eyeshadow kit. 

Step four – blush 

Following the same one-stop product style, Andre matched Miranda’s rose-tinted blush to a sheer pink lip from SUQQU. By applying the Shimmer Liquid Blush, £26 in the shade ‘Usumomokurumi’ to the cheek with his fingers, the artist created a wind-whipped flush that suits the seasonal transition we are all experiencing. And, for lips, the team opted for the Sheer Matte Lipstick, £33 the newest addition to SUQQU’s lipstick line-up which gives the same subtle nuance as the blush. 

Step five – brows 

Then came the brows, the marmite phase of everyone’s makeup routine. Thanks to Miranda’s coveted bushy brows, things remained simple. Once again, SUQQU provided its defining magic with the Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen, £22 which boasts a fine brush that gives you complete control to fill gaps with precision. Also, the colour range allows for mixing meaning you have perfectly toned brows at your fingertips. Then, Miranda’s eyebrows were set with Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix, £19 – do I have to say more? 

Step six – lashes 

Finally, after everything was set and camera-ready, Andre applied an industry staple to give Miranda’s eyelashes a lift. Renowned for its lifting abilities, the Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes, £23 from Charlotte Tilbury makes Miranda’s hypnotic blue eyes even more of a feature. Remember, with this product, a little goes a long way. Andre only used a swipe on the lashes to make sure the look remained delicate and natural. 

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