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G-Star Raw unveils new capsule collection

G-Star Raw has launched a new capsule collection called ‘Raw Denim’. Inspired by the ageing process of denim clothing, each piece embraces the wear and tear process. Equipped with a lifetime warranty and the promise of repairs, Raw Denim is all about sustainable, responsible fashion and G-Star Raw is reinventing the concept of buying denim.

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, our overconsumption of fashion is seeing 350,000 tonnes of clothes reach landfill each year. Due to the complicated composition of denim (chemical treatments to increase durability, mixed fibres to create elasticity, hardwearing materials for buttons), a standard pair of jeans takes centuries to decompose. The cycle of buying, wearing, and then throwing away denim is harming the planet.

Designed to rejoice in imperfection – the inevitable wrinkles, scuffs, fades, and scuffs – Raw Denim proposes a new initiative for sustainable denim. Made without the typical chemical production process, each piece is constructed from the purest form of made to last ‘raw’ denim. This lack of material treatment means that that the fabric is free to organically age, shaping to the body and showing signs of subtle fading over time. For our perfection-obsessed consumer culture, this may sound alien. Why buy something which is made to show signs of wear?

Beyond the evident wins for the environment, the distinctive angle on the G-Star Raw Denim collection is its inbuilt individualism. As each piece ages, it will become unique to its wearer. We pay good money for the ‘lived in’ aesthetic, either buying new distressed look pieces or shopping vintage, but there’s something special about achieving this look authentically. In addition, the lifetime warranty of the collection means that each piece is qualified for repairs: there are no obstacles in a broken zip, torn seam, ripped hem, or missing button. The promise of a tailor not only makes each piece a good value investment, but also highlights G-Star Raw’s commitment to sustainable and responsible living.

The repetitive game of denim hide-and-seek (finding and eventually discarding the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans) is both damaging to the planet and boring. Finding the ideal fit, wash and price tag for denim pieces is a time-consuming rubric: in fact, in a recent survey undertaken by 2,000 women, 46% said that denim is the most difficult item to buy. Naturally, it is annoying when your favourite pair of carefully scouted jeans begin to show signs of wear. However, with its lifetime guarantee and life proof denim, the G-Star Raw Denim capsule collection might just be what we need to break the cycle.

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