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Fur Ban: Why The UK Government Needs To Act

The UK government has reportedly dropped plans to ban the import of fur and foie gras, which were due to be included in the Animals Abroad Bill – a piece of legislation that aims to drastically improve animal welfare in the UK.

BBC News reports that some MPs, including Jacob Rees Mogg, are opposed to the Bill as they believe it imposes restrictions on consumer choice. 

However, in an article for The Times, Tracey Crouch, a Conservative MP, has argued that the government must “make clear to […] trading partners that we will not provide markets for the unethical products” from industries, such as fur farming, which are cruel and environmentally damaging. 

GLAMOUR spoke to Ingrid Newkirk, managing director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to find out why there’s such an urgent need for a ban on fur imports into the UK:

Today, fur is truly dead. Her Majesty the Queen buys only faux, and even the former CEO of the British Fur Trade Association has declared that the fur industry is “anachronistic, barbaric and unnecessary.” 

But – despite the fact that most British people loathe it and the most celebrated names in fashion refuse to touch it – word is that our own government may drop the promised ban on fur sales and imports that would help stop holdout fur hawkers in their tracks. This cannot stand.

Fur farming is so disgustingly abusive that it’s been illegal in the UK since 2000, so a ban on imports is way overdue. Finally, last year, the government included a ban in its Animals Abroad Bill. MPs across the board supported it. 

Now, thanks to a vile, vocal, and callous little political cabal which argues behind the scenes that wearing fur, eating foie gras, and even fox hunting and other frivolous practices that hurt animals is somehow their right – the animals be damned. So, fur may keep coming into the country to satisfy the tiny minority of selfish people who have no qualms about killing animals to steal their coats. 

11 ways to show you give a f*ck about animals (other than boycotting fur)

The UK is a “nation of animal lovers” – a place where fur-bearing animals get some consideration rather than having their heads stuck in a bottle of chloroform (yes – this happens on fur farms). 

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