Fully Customizable Digital Clock – Javascript

Fully Customizable Digital Clock – Javascript

Author: abu_raihanPrice: $14

digital clock

Modern/Digital Clock

The Javascript plugin is made for create amazing digital clocks fast and easily. We use the latest
technology. The plugin is Beginner/User friendly and very lightweight (3kb). So you don’t have to think
about website loading. We use core Javascript, So you don’t need any dependency like jQuery.

Some simple step to create the clock


  • User/Begainer friendly
  • Used latest technology
  • Standered coading
  • Lightweight
  • Auto responsive
  • Fully customizable
  • Support multiple instances on one page
  • Set your picture, color, layout
  • Set the width and the height of clock
  • Included minified file
  • Included encrypted file
  • Enable show/hide AM/PM
  • Style, Color, Font, Background, Border, Box Shadow etc customizable
  • Enable/Disable year, month, week, date, minute, second, millisecond
  • Detail documentation Html file included.

digital clock

please see the impressive live preview.

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