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Fine Hair Hairstyle Ideas And Styling Tips

Fine hair can be tricky to style. If you use too much product, it becomes instantly greasy or impossibly tangled, but if you use too little, the hair is slippery and will lose its shape in what seems like seconds.

Luckily, one of the biggest styles of the year so far has been the bob hair cut, which was a godsend for those with fine hair. Tactical layers and clever cutting techniques gave rise to styles such as the paper cut bob, to the A-line bob, to the textured bob, all of which provided an easy way to keep hair on trend without having to style it very much at home (the best bobs are styled at the cutting stage, meaning at-home styling and maintenance is minimal).

However, a few months after the initial chop and you’ll no doubt be feeling the need to switch it up a bit. Only, you’ve made the job of DIY styling even trickier by giving yourself less hair to work with. There’s no chance of achieving a top knot and one of this season’s hottest hairstyle, tucked pigtails, is next to impossible with short hair.

Luckily, all is not lost. Far from it, actually, thanks to a number of clever styling hacks and helpful hair accessories that promise to deliver seriously covetable and on trend styles that promise to stay in place all day long, even on the shortest and finest of hair.

The first, and arguably most important step for styling fine hair is all in the prep phase. Avoid any shampoos and conditioners that are too heavy (avoid anything for coarse, dry or damaged hair) and instead opt for lightweight formulas that have been designed with finer hair in mind. Once you’re out of the shower, always add in a styling product after towel drying, like a volume mousse or blow-dry spray, to help add some texture and hold. If you choose to blow dry your hair, begin by flipped your head upside down to really get some air into the roots.  

Another thing to think about is the parting. A middle parting will always look flatter, so if it’s volume you’re after, try a flipped over side parting for maximum oomph (keep flipping hair from side to side to revive the look). 

For a longer term solution, you could book in for an appointment at your local salon to discuss the option of hair filler (i.e. strategically placed extensions for volume rather than length), which is a firm favourite among celebrities. 

Finally, it’s important to have a few everyday hairstyles up your sleeve that will suit fine hair. From dainty knots to create a long-wearing half-up do, to volume-boosting headbands and blow-dry techniques that will add texture and movement, here are our very favourite hairstyles perfect for short, fine hair that are easy to do at home…

Still in need of some hair styling help? Check out these genius hacks from the pros on how to care for fine hair, as well as the very best bob haircuts to add body and oompf.

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