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Festival Beauty That Doesn’t Cost The Planet: Biodegradable Wipes And Glitter And Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Alternatives

It wouldn’t be proper festival beauty without a bit (or a lot) of glitter and, we’ll admit, we’re first in line for a full face of the sparkling stuff.

But a lot of our fave festival beauty products have come under fire recently for being environmentally problematic, especially when it comes to glitter, with some varieties composed of non-biodegradable micro-plastics. These tiny components cannot be recycled or broken down and end up polluting our eco-systems and our oceans, meaning it’s better to find biodegradable glitter alternatives.

To make matters worse, some other festival essentials are equally as troubling. Wet wipes are a prerequisite for keeping fresh during festivals, but they are also causing havoc with the environment. Many types of wipes are non-biodegradable and manufactured using plastics, and are the direct cause behind 93% of UK sewers’ blockages. 

The good news is, you can still have all the festival fun you like with the plethora of eco-friendly alternatives emerging from within the beauty industry. Projekt Glitter and Disco Dust London supply biodegradable glitter in every imaginable colour. 

Then comes the clean up at the end of the day, with a wide array of biodegradable wipes available, and more and more beauty brands switching up their offerings to be more sustainable. From FemFresh’s flushable and biodegradable wipes that are handy when you can’t face the public showers, to Hair By Sam McKnight’s Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths that are made from biodegradable tree pulp and promise to rid roots of greasy while delivering a burst of fine fragrance to hair, to Simple’s biodegradable makeup removing wipes, there’s an eco-friendly wipe for every possible need. 

Here, we round up a few of our favourite environmentally and pollution-free festival essentials.

Find out more about sustainable eco-beauty products, and the ultimate festival outfits to inspire you. 

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