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Feather Lashes Were Everywhere At Valentino’s Paris Show

It’s no secret that false eyelashes can work nothing short of miracles in making your eyes an even bigger statement on your face. But the feather lashes sported by the models walking the Valentino runway at Paris Haute Couture Week bring an entirely different meaning to the idea of eyelashes that ‘pop’.

And we don’t just mean super-fluffy lashes, we mean actual feather lashes. Yep, among  the moody mauve lipstick and thick black eyeliner, many of the models had actual black feathers extending outward. 

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And we guess they needed to be impactful to force us to stop manically scrolling through pictures of Julia Fox and Kanye West sitting front row at a string of events linked to the high fashion week. 

Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director of Valentino since 2008, is well-known for his dramatic and sculptural gowns, and this year, that feel has been extended to the makeup looks on the catwalk too. Though it isn’t the first time…

Fashion know-it-alls will recognise the similarities between the 2022 look and that of the floral-theme spring Valentino show back in 2019, where Pat McGrath created three-dimensional lashes as part of the look, attaching delicate feathers that she and her team glued along the top and bottom lashes, placing them down very carefully with a pair of tweezers. A few feathers were also laid out across the eyebrows to complete the effect.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Insane, right?

This year, for 202, the lash look is sliiiightly (read: majorly) toned back, but the effect is still striking, dramatic eyes, and, best of all, we can actually create this look for ourselves (though if you want to hit the pub with real feathers stuck to your face then more power to you). 

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