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‘Every Russian is responsible for this’: Ukrainian fashion designer beloved by Megan Fox condemns Putin

The Ukrainian fashion designer behind celebrity-loved clothing brand Cult Naked has condemned Russia’s move to war.

Mary Furtas, founder and creative director of the slow fashion label worn by celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Kendall Jenner and Megan Fox, has described the invasion as the “worst day in our lives”.

Posting on her Instagram Story, Furtas said she “hadn’t slept for 30 hours” and pleaded with Kyiv to “hold on”.

Furtas is based in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine. On Thursday, as Russian soldiers began their invasion of Ukraine, the designer posted a piece of text to her Instagram feed which read: “Every Russian is responsible for this.”

In the caption she wrote: “5 AM. All cities of peaceful Ukraine are under Russian rocket attack.

“YOUR SILENCE KILLS PEOPLE. GET UP IF YOU WANT PEACE!!!!!!! STOP SAYING YOU’RE ‘ASHAMED’. ACT!!!” She also used the hashtag #ww3 in her post.

Cult Naked also posted a picture to its Instagram feed with the text: #standwithukraine. In the caption, it reads: “Dear #cultgen, today Russia started a full scale war in Ukraine. As a team of Ukrainians who create our pieces for you on the territory of our country, we and the rest of Ukraine are in danger!

“Our army is working hard to protect us and not let Putin go further. But we need your support. Please, donate to Ukrainian army to help us. Every dollar of support matters!”

Later in her Instagram Stories, Furtas shared a picture comparing London during WWII to Ukraine now. The side-by-side split shows Londoners taking shelter in underground tube stations during the Blitz of the 1940s, and Ukrainians doing the same thing.

Furtas wrote: “Just because we don’t want to be like them. Just because he [Russian president Vladmir Putin] has a complex. Just because one sick gang wants to have fun.”

(Instagram/@maryfurtas @cultnaked)

The designer then pleaded with NATO to “close Ukrainian skies” to help stop air raids.

Furtas has also posted a link to the charity Save Lives which people can donate to to help Ukrainians. You can find other ways to help Ukrainians in need here.

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