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Euphoria Season 3: News, Cast, Plot, Release Date

Euphoria season 3 is officially on, and we couldn’t be happier.

Let’s face it, none of us were ready to say goodbye to our beloved East Highland yet… and now we don’t have to. 

It was confirmed via the official Euphoria Instagram account that the Emmy-winning drama will be back with an IGTV post featuring a graphic of the number 3 overlaid with the show title.

On the same day, showrunners HBO shared an artsy image of lead star Zendaya – who plays Rue – taken on set, captioned, “Glowing from that #euphoria season 3 greenlight.”

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No word on the release date just yet – but suffice to say we’re excited, and we’re not the only ones. “Euphoria is truly a masterpiece it’s gonna go down in television history,” reads one of the comments, while another person wrote, “Best news ever”. 

In the meantime, we’re still very much in the midst of watching the long-anticipated season 2, which currently chronicles main character Rue’s (played by Zendaya) tempestuous struggle with addiction. Episodes will continue to be drop every Sunday until 27 February.


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