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Euphoria Makeup: All The Hidden Meanings You May Have Missed

No matter your thoughts on the show, there’s no denying the impact Euphoria‘s makeup has made in the three years since the first season aired in 2019 – if New York is considered the fifth main character in Sex And The City, Euphoria‘s makeup deserves similar treatment. 

Since season one dropped, we’ve seen colourful, glimmering eyeshadow show up all over the runways and social media, and tiny rhinestones are now just as much of a going-out essential as a black bodysuit or pair of heels. 

According to the show’s head of makeup, Donni Davy, she’s been just as inspired by the response to season one’s makeup as the rest of the world was when the show came out. “The thing that inspires me the most is when people take their own unique take on a makeup look from the show,” Davy tells GLAMOUR. 

“Maybe it’s a Jules look, but a little more with a Maddy glam aspect to it. There’s such an insane amount of talent on TikTok and Instagram, it blows my mind.” These interpretations didn’t only serve as inspiration for the season two looks but for Davy’s upcoming makeup brand Half Magic, which launches later this spring. (She’s tight-lipped on the details for now but says some key products made an appearance in the show, so stay tuned).

While she was moved by the response to season one’s makeup, it meant the pressure was on when it came to dreaming up the looks for season two. “I was challenged with figuring out how to continue the Euphoria makeup conversation,” she says.”But instead of repeating myself or going equally as colourful and vivid as sparkly as season one, it was sort of like, How do I showcase what I believe are interesting, bold looks that are perfect for what the characters are going through but that aren’t going to compete with this same visibility as season one?” 

The answer was simple, and she went back to what made the makeup so special in the first place: Using it as an extension of the characters themselves, and a direct reflection of what they’re experiencing. 

“First and foremost, the looks have to go with the script and what the kids are going through,” she says. Since this season – somehow – has an even darker vibe than the first season, she let that guide the makeup and ended up with a more toned-down, yet equally interesting  assortment of looks. “I wanted to make sure my team and I had enough restraint with our looks, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was taking advantage of the storyline, or putting an overly bold, wild look on someone in a moment where it would be distracting,” she adds. “That’s a fine line that I like to make sure I’m always walking.” 

Subtle doesn’t mean boring though, in fact, it let Davy be even more strategic about what she wants to communicate through the looks. Each carefully chosen rhinestone, eyeshadow shade, and flick of liner means something deeper. Below, Davy breaks down all the hidden messages you may have missed. 

Cassie Howard 

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For this season, Davy had two go-to vibes for Cassie: Her classic looks, and her wannabe Maddy looks. 

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