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Engagement Ring Trends For 2022: The 7 Most Popular Styles

What the experts say: “Wearing all white all the time isn’t most peoples’ preference,” notes Emily Newman. “People enjoy colour. They enjoy the way it makes them feel. This applies to jewellery as well. Customers are increasingly asking about what colours we can add, so that their ring isn’t just white. Some are opting for a few pale blue, pink or yellow sapphires set into their diamond pave, a trio ring with colourful side stones, or just a coloured stone at the base of the band to signify something personally meaningful to them.”

“We’re also seeing more unusual, coloured gemstones at the forefront of clients’ considerations when it comes to choosing their ring,” agreed London bespoke jewellery Designer, Rachel Boston. “We’re seeing a lot of demand for champagne and yellow diamonds, green, teal, and peach sapphires, all really elegant colours, and most of the time these are flanked by white diamonds on either side.”

“We’ve noticed a real grey/brown diamond trend,” noted Mayfair jeweller, Jessica McCormack, “with people being drawn towards those muted tones which are actually so beautiful and interesting in a stone.”

“We have found the key engagement ring trends to be vibrant coloured stones rather than diamonds,” agreed the team at Minka Jewels. “The trend is for something unusual and less traditional, and often the process of choosing the stone is something the clients do with us together.”

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