E-learning – Online Courses mobile app (support both Android/iOS)

E-learning – Online Courses mobile app (support both Android/iOS)

Author: hviet1412Price: $24

App Online Courses – Online learning

This app is based on the PluralSight app, but some screens are made differently. It’s a template app mobile for courses online, learning online.

The application is developed with RN Framework, optimized for performance and interface by the developer. Due to using RN Framework, the app can run on both Android and iOS platforms

The features available in the app are as follows:

  • Login / Register by email
  • Forgot password
  • Management user information
  • Display list courses fetch from server
  • Display list teacher
  • View course detail with course lessons, note, description…
  • View video of course (both mp4 and youtube link)
  • Download video mp4 from course to device
  • View course rating and give rating
  • Search course
  • Save course to favorite list
  • Support multi language


Npm: 6.14.8

React: 16.13.1

React-native: 0.63.3


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