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Drôle De Monsieur Meets with Skateboarder Boo Johnson – PAUSE Online

Born in Dijon, an unusual place to start a fashion brand, Drôle de Monsieur has gone against the odds to create an ever-growing streetwear brand that’s stocked all over the world. This explains their ‘Not From Paris Madame’ motto that they stand by – to highlight that ambition, talent and love for the craft are not only reserved for capital cities. 

To support other talents around the world who grew up outside of metropolitan cities, the french brand has decided to team up with these artists to bring more exposure to them on the platform they have created. One of these talents is Boo Johnson, a self-taught skateboarder who was born and raised in Tehachapi, California. With no one to teach him skating at the age of 14, he persevered and used his determination to get to where he is now: a Los Angeles-based professional skateboarder and skate company owner who, like Drôle de Monsieur, has created a platform for other up-and-comers to feel safe.

Check out the campaign video here and the imagery below.


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