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Designer Fashion Edit: Our Fashion Editor’s Pick Of The Highlights This Month

When it comes to filling a wardrobe, I’m an absolute advocate for high/low dressing. The high street is perfect for some occasions, whilst I prefer something a tad more luxe for others.

It goes without saying that it’s not an even split. The majority of my wardrobe is undoubtedly from the lower-end of the pricing spectrum, but with the undeniable allure of certain designer pieces – along with the ever-growing transparency of certain malpractices amongst more affordable fashion particularly – I find myself gravitating towards a few pricier pieces every now and then.

What with it being pay-day weekend, I thought I’d share some of those with you to take the leg-work out of what can already be a daunting shopping experience (slinging anything in your basket with more than two figures can be a frightening prospect).

Here’s what I’m buying, wearing and wanting this month…

1. The padded shell coat

With duvet coats so high up on the fashion world’s radar, it’d be foolish not to get involved in the comfiest, cosiest trend of the season. While my wardrobe is admittedly not lacking in this department, I can’t not tell you when I discover a belter. And this cream, recycled shell one is, quite literally, a belter.

2. The high-rise cream jeans

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