DesertHunter – Android Game with AdMob

DesertHunter – Android Game with AdMob

Author: funtoonzPrice: $18

Desert Hunter is an endless shooting/firing game, where you as a player are in mission to flying your Tempest bomber aircraft to a classified desert Ares and find the Enemy ship and hunt them down! It’s a continue bullet firing game, and main objective is you make a high score and kill maximum number of the enemy! Try to make a high score and challenge to your friend. A simple, quick response game for you!


  • Made with Unity
  • AdMob Banner integrated
  • AdMob Interstitial integrated
  • Social sharing integrated
  • Responsive UI
  • Simple graphic
  • Custom Game LOGO Icon
  • Clean C# scripts
  • Background music and sounds
  • Documentation
  • Credits

  • Character Art from https:
  • Music from
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