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Deliveroo Has Collaborated With Boots To Offer On-Demand Beauty, Health And Wellness Delivery Services

Deliveroo has become part and parcel to everyday life for many of us. Not only does it deliver takeaway meals from our favourite restaurants, but more recently, it also offers up groceries in minutes (a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten to buy milk on the way home) as well as pharmacy items like paracetamol and plasters making it the epitome of modern day convenience. 

Now, the delivery app has just announced it is collaborating with Boots to provide on-demand access to 750 products from 125 stores across the UK’s major cities including Manchester, Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Belfast, Bristol, Sheffield, Coventry, Plymouth, Exeter, Middlesbrough, York, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Products on offer include everything from everyday essentials like toothpaste and shower gel, to luxury gift items like designer perfumes and luxe makeup, to cough and flu saviours and vital first-aid supplies. 

Among the products we’re most excited for here at GLAMOUR HQ are Dior’s Sauvage Eau De Toilette Spray, Maybelline’s TikTok viral SkyHigh waterproof mascara, and skincare saviours like No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream and CeraVe’s legendary Foaming Cleanser. We’re also pretty grateful that period products like sanitary towels and tampons as well as sexual wellness essentials including condoms are also on offer, which means you’re less likely to ever get caught short.

“We’re so excited to be able to offer this service in more cities across the UK,” says Paula Bobbett, Chief Digital Officer at Boots. “Through Deliveroo, our customers can get cough, cold and flu relief products and mild pain relief delivered to their doors to help them with the symptoms of mild illnesses this winter, or baby wipes and nappies for those everyday childcare emergencies. Plus, if they’ve run out of their favourite skincare brand, or need a last-minute gift, they can get our great range of beauty and gifting products straight to them in minutes.”

“Deliveroo continues to bring greater choice and availability to people across the UK, with everything from suntan lotion to cold and flu symptom relief products, or fruit and veg from your local supermarket to a Friday night treat from your local restaurant,” adds Carlo Mocci, Chief Business Officer at Deliveroo. “Boots is a fantastic partner for Deliveroo and hugely valued by our customers.” 

To shop the expanded range, customers simply select Boots on the Deliveroo app in the same way they would their favourite restaurant. Once they’ve chosen their items, the order will be picked and prepared in-store in sealed packaging before being collected and delivered by Deliveroo riders straight to their front door. 

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