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David Beckham Queues For 13 Hours To See Queen’s Coffin

“Because it’s special to be here, to celebrate, and to hear the different stories that people have to say.”

He added: “The most special moment for me was to receive my OBE. I took my grandparents with me, who were the ones that really brought me up to be a huge royalist and a fan of the royal family, and obviously I had my wife there as well.

“To step up, to get my honour, but then also Her Majesty, to ask questions, to talk, I was so lucky that I was able to have a few moments like that in my life, to be around Her Majesty.

“Because we can all see with the love that has been shown, how special she is and how special she was and the legacy that she leaves behind.

“It’s a sad day, but it’s a day for us to remember the incredible legacy that she’s left.”

Hear, hear, David.

Since the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September, Britain has been observing a period of national mourning. The Queen’s coffin is currently lying in state (referring to the time where the coffin of a monarch or sometimes a prime minister is placed on view before the funeral), where people have been queuing through the night to be able to pay their respects to the late monarch. 

In accordance with the wishes of the new King Charles III, the public mourning period will continue until seven days after the Queen’s state funeral, which will take place at 11am on Monday 19 September. 

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