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Cover Story – PAUSE Meets: Rickey Thompson & Denzel Dion – PAUSE Online

How do you guys not care about what people think on social media?

(Rickey): It took a long time to get here I will say that.
(Denzel): You know I’m from New York, I just never cared.
(Rickey): I feel like if you’re from New York, people are so opinionated down there.
(Denzel): I’m very opinionated, so I get it. What I dish out, I can definitely take back. But yeah, just really not caring. With social media, I was getting comments and I never cared but I would just get mad because it was always people that would say stuff to you online but would never say it to you in person. That’s what gets me angry. I want to see what you look like! That is more frustrating for me than what they say in the comments. Because, you know, it’s all the fat jokes. It’s just like, who are you to say that to me? I want to see you more so in person.
(Rickey): And if somehow you end up on their page there’s zero posts… I’m like “I can’t see you at all! Are you serious?”. Because if it is someone with posts, I will have a good time. Mmm hmm.

So, what’s next for you guys? I heard you guys talking about a TV show… after your podcast, what is next for you guys?

(Rickey): Well, me and Denzel are on season 3 of our podcast. I can’t believe that… season 3! Isn’t that crazy? We’re so happy because people are actually tuning in and listening, like it’s actually insane. I was like “What?!” … we get stopped every single day like “Oh my god, your podcast, your podcast, your podcast…” We have people DM’ing us like ‘Oh my god, when’s it coming out? We want it, we want it, we want it”. That makes us feel so good because literally, like we said before, these are like our phone conversations.
(Denzel): And you know if our show comes it comes. Every year we sit here and try and secure a show, the right show. But I’m just more so excited about the podcast and bringing new guests on… there’s so much to talk about. I feel like we want to just incorporate more guests into our podcast.
(Rickey): Our guests are everything! All of our guests are like, “So, are we going to be on the podcast?”, and we’re like “Oh my god, you listen? Okay!” … yeah, it’s everything. Our podcast can just grow and grow and grow, and it makes us feel really good that people are actually taking our podcast, listening to it, and walking away feeling really good about themselves. Because, with my and Denzel, we just want to make people happy.
(Denzel): That’s it!

How many people are listening right now?

(Rickey): Say it, girl!
(Denzel): I need to look! It’s in the millions though I’m not even going to lie, because we had got our reports back and I saw the numbers and I was like “Oh…”.
(Rickey): It’s in the millions! That’s a good feeling, I was like “Oh my god, what?!” … Our podcast came out in 2020 and we were like “Okay, cute”. And then it grew tremendously. Season 2 definitely helped our show.

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