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Copenhagen Fashion Week Proves We’re Living In a Post Sneaker Society – PAUSE Online

While previously seen as a stuffy footwear choice worn by old heads who frequent country clubs and spend their downtime playing polo, loafers have become the preferred option thanks to the youthful marketing of brands such as G.H. Bass & Co. Eytys and Filling Pieces. Sneaker culture took over everything, but now, in a place where you’d expect to only see a sea of Nike Dunks, Jordan 6’s or Jordan 1s, there is a healthy balance of loafers, mules, Wallabees, boots and the occasional dad sandal. As shoppers transition from one level of streetwear to another, they are shedding the ‘hypebeast’ moniker and becoming more conscious of style, quality, and shedding their ‘hypebeast’ tag as well, as well as finding inspiration in other types of footwear, as they no longer feel tethered to the culture of sneakers. 

A combination of style, comfort, and ease of wear, laceless loafer styles from upstart brands Filling Pieces have captured shoppers’ attention with their revamped versions of old-school silhouettes. And now, big-name brands like Palace, Gucci and Prada, who have recognised the shift in the zeitgeist and have rightfully reintroduced loafers like luxury sneakers did.

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