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Chris Brown roasts Donald Glover’s outfit at Beyoncé’s party for her new album

Chris Brown roasted Donald Glover for his outfit over the weekend, which he wore at Beyoncé’s secret party for her newest album, Renaissance.

While attending the star-studded event, the 38-year-old musician, who is also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, posed in a pastel and chest-baring unitard, worn over a pair of black underwear. He completed the look with brown boots and a silky, puffy green jacket.

When a photo of Glover in the outfit was shared on the Instagram account “Fit Ain’t Nothing,” Brown expressed his candid thoughts on the look in the comments.

“I can hear the tambourines when he walk,” the singer wrote.

In the caption of its post, the Instagram page claimed that the Atlanta star “dressed like he finna walk a tight rope and Hike Stone Mountain at the same time”.

The post went on to call Glover’s outfit “nasty, mysterious and chaotic,” as it was “all wrapped into that tinfoil windbreaker,” before questioning if he was working at fast-fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing as a “side mission”.

Some other fans on Instagram continued making jokes about Glover’s ensemble, as they said that he looked like he was “suiting up for Wrestlemania” and “dressed like Peter Pan”.

People also roasted the “This Is America” singer on Twitter and questioned why he wore that outfit in the first place.

“I genuinely wanna know the mindset behind this outfit and how he came to conclude that [it] was okay to wear, let alone wear to BEYONCÉ’S party,” one person wrote.

“Why [does] it look like he realised that he was late and just threw something on,” another added.

A third person said: “He almost ate but it was the shoes that made me disgusted.”

According to Page Six, Beyoncé’s party at the Times Square Edition in New York included many famous guests, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jill Scott, and Tyler Perry. A source also told the publication that while the 40-year-old singer was “very nice to” and “thanked everyone for attending,” there were a “few people [who] got kicked out for being drunk and foolish”.

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