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Blue Ivy crashes Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ‘date night’ in new Tiffany & Co advert

Weeks after Jay-Z and Beyoncé were unveiled as the new faces of Tiffany & Co, their eldest daughter Blue Ivy has made an appearance alongside her parents in their latest advert for the luxury jewellery brand.

In the short video, titled “Date Night”, Beyoncé is seen riding in the back of a moving car sporting a large Tiffany “Ailsa” diamond ring and diamond “Ribbon Fan” earrings.

After a short while, she asks the driver to pull over so Jay-Z can join her. He gets into the car wearing a black and white tuxedo, accessorised with Tiffany’s Jean Schlumberger “Bird on a Rock” brooch.

The couple proceeds to eat pizza and drink champagne together before nine-year-old Blue Ivy appears behind the car.

She playfully runs behind the vehicle for a short moment and then clambers inside to sit between her parents, who are delighted to see her.

At one point, Blue Ivy grins as her rapper father playfully moves her clear glasses up and down.

The full advert was shared on Instagram by Beyoncé on Tuesday, 19 October, where it has already been viewed more than two million times.

As expected, Blue Ivy’s cameo has earned high praise from fans. One user wrote: “Give my sister Blue her Academy Award right NEOWWW!”

Another said: “It’s Blue running behind the car for me.”

While Beyoncé and Jay-Z are well-known for being one of Hollywood’s most private couples, the “Formation” singer has been sharing photographs of their family’s recent vacation to Europe on Instagram.

In one photograph, posted on 13 September, the couple’s four-year-old daughter Rumi is seen hugging Jay-Z’s leg as he stands next to his wife on a boat.

In another series of photographs, posted on Tuesday, Jay-Z reprises his role as the “Instagram husband” as he is seen taking photographs of his wife while she poses on a boat.

Jay-Z first earned the title back in 2016, when a photograph of Beyoncé posing in a lift showed her husband in the mirror taking her picture.

Later in 2018, paparazzi captured the rapper taking photographs of his wife as they relaxed on a boat in Sardinia, Italy to celebrate her 37th birthday.

Last month, Tiffany & Co announced that it had chosen the couple as the faces of its “About Love” campaign because they are the “epitome of a modern love story”, according to the brand.

In a photograph from the campaign, Beyoncé is seen wearing a figure-hugging black dress with a 128.54-carat diamond around her neck.

The jewel became the topic of controversy, with some social media users claiming it is a “blood diamond” – diamonds that are believed to have been mined in war zones and sold to fund conflicts.

On its website, Tiffany & Co states that all of its diamonds are “conflict-free”. It said it has taken “rigorous steps” to ensure that conflict diamonds do not enter its inventory.

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