Blazor Invoice Management Software

Blazor Invoice Management Software

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First Functional Blazor App on Market!


Invoice management software application is business application software in web application. The software can be accessed using most of modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. As its name implied, this software will help you creating invoice to be bill to your customers. But not limited to that only functionality, this software is equipped with other modules to help you streamline and integrate your business.

Using this software, your team can working together doing work collaboration, even if the team not in the same place. With only browsers and internet connection, your team can access the same centralized data. No more scattered data master excel file.


Full Source Code

The product come with full source code of ASP.NET Core 5.0 Blazor Server project. More detail regarding Balzor can be read on this link:


More about .NET 5 can be read on:


1. Invoicing

  • Invoices

  • Customers

  • Products


2. Reporting

  • Invoice Report

  • Product Report

  • Payment Report

  • Tax Report

  • Customer Report


3. Master Data

  • Countries

  • Currencies

  • Industries

  • Payment Methods

  • Payment Types

  • Taxes

  • Unit of Measure


4. Configuration

  • Company

  • Prefix Number Sequence


5. Security Management

  • Users 

  • Roles



Please, try the demo before you decide to buy to see if this product will fit your need or not.


Username: administrator

Password: 123456


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