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Beyoncé Daughter Blue Ivy Looks Exactly Like Her In New Pictures

Listen, we know that a kid looking like their parents is not front page news, but the exception to the rule is when your mum is Beyoncé (aka the Queen of front page news). To be fair, the latest pictures of Blue Ivy Carter – the lucky, lucky daughter of Bey and Jay Z – do bare a pretty uncanny resemblance to old photos of the Single Ladies singer. And, even if you’re not particularly captivated by the family resemblance (you’re on your own on that one though), then the fact that Blue is this grown-up is surely a reason to get in formation. 

The photos appeared after Blue Ivy was pictured with her dad at the NBA Finals game at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Monday (13 June), and fans did not miss a beat when comparing the 10-year-old to her celebrity mum back in 2007. Unsurprisingly for anyone whose ever been on the internet, online Beyoncé stans were quick to put a picture of Blue Ivy next to her mum to make the resemblance super clear, and we have to admit that it’s pretty damn similar – even down to the earrings and the lip gloss (which, admittedly, aren’t genes but rather good taste). 

In Blue’s early years, people often compared her looks to her dad, but now, as one Twitter fan pointed out, it looks as though, “Blue Ivy stole Beyoncé’s entire face!”.

“Blue Ivy is literally Beyoncé’s twin,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added: “Sorry, had to do a double-take when I saw Blue Ivy at the NBA game.”

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