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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself UK

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is all about the loved up couples.

If you’ve just about had enough of seeing meals for two, best gifts for him, or ‘what to do’ with your significant other posts – you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, Valentine’s Day might be a couples holiday, but if you’ll be spending this year in a happy realm of singledom – who’s to say you can’t treat yourself to something nice?

This way you won’t have to share any nice chocolate, can indulge in a gorgeous meal yourself and will even have your choice of television for the evening and does it get better than that?

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts to treat yourself to on the most romantic day of the year.

One Year Roses Box

Treat yourself all year around with this box of four roses, available in four different tones: Classic Champagne, Vintage Pink, Rouge Red or Lace White.

And the best news? They will last all year.

1. Nuggets College Sweater

Snuggle up warm this Valentine’s Day with a cosy college sweat from NotJust clothing.

The range has been a hit with customers, with slogan jumpers including Nuggets, Wine, Spritz and Gnocchi sweats being the best sellers so far.

The brand makes the jumpers to order to prevent any waste and a portion of sales of the designs go to good causes too.

Price: £28.99, Not Just Clothing – buy it here

2. Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dream

Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dream

If you’ll be spending the day of romance alone, why not invest in a good book with a great message?

Radical Self Love is the perfect read for anyone keen to delve a little bit deeper into knowing and loving themselves.

The book features small activities and homework – to get you one step closer to loving yourself out loud.

Price: £2.38, Amazon – buy it here

3. Roberts Revival Bluetooth Digital Radio with Alarm

Roberts Revival Bluetooth Digital Radio with Alarm

Perfect for anytime of the day and with an adorable retro look to suit any room. The Roberts Revival Radio will let you listen to FM and DAB/DAB+ digital radio, as well as connecting via Bluetooth, to connect to a smartphone or tablet.

The radio comes in over five colour choices, boasts up to 20 hours of battery life and also has a handy alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions.

Price: £199.99, John Lewis – buy it here

4. Merci Maman Zodiac Signet Ring

Merci Maman Zodiac Signet Ring

Add a chic piece of jewellery to your collection, if you’re into astrology and are looking to treat yourself to something nice, this is it.

Merci Maman is a personalised jewellery brand, started by mum of four Beatrice de Montille on her kitchen table back in 2007. Since then, the brand has consistently grown, creating hand-engraved pieces for mums all over the world, including Kate Middleton.

The brand has a 10 piece Valentines collection featuring new love-inspired styles and Red Agate and Rose Quartz beads. Each piece can be hand-engraved with special names, dates, or initials to represent the one you love this Valentines.

Price: £59, Merci Maman – buy it here

5. Hanging Hammock Swing Chair

Hanging Hammock Swing Chair

Why not? After all, you can definitely hang a hammock in your bedroom, especially if you’re not sharing with anyone else.

Perfect for relaxing outdoors, or with space indoors, this hammock is available in blue or purple, the hammock includes a wooden spreader bar to keep the chair taunt and a padded cushion to provide ultimate comfort.

Price: £11.99, Christow Home – buy it here

6. Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole

Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Casserole

Just because, that’s why.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, why not prepare yourself a loving meal in this adorable heart-shaped casserole dish?

It’s suitable for a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, anything from quick and easy 30-minute meals to slow-cooked aromatic stews served as a table centrepiece.

Price: £190, John Lewis – buy it here

7. Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

It’s one of the most popular sex toys of 2021, and if you haven’t experienced the sensation that is the Womanizer, you’re missing out.

The rechargeable and waterproof clitoral stimulator provides a touchless and pulsating sensation, with six levels of compelling intensity.

That’s one way to enjoy the evening.

Price: £99.99, Lovehoney – buy it here

8. Progress Electric 1.4L Swiss Fondue Set

Progress Electric 1.4L Swiss Fondue Set

Whether you’ll be on your own or you’ll be inviting pals round to celebrate with you, this fabulous fondue set from Progress can be used to enjoy a range of savoury and sweet treats.

There’s a generous 1.4 litre capacity, it is ideal for dipping fruit, biscuits and treats into chocolate or for melted cheeses. Included with the fondue is eight dipping forks, for when you will be entertaining.

Price: £39.99, Amazon – buy it here

9. Send a Little Love Letterbox Gift

Send a Little Love Letterbox Gift

Send a little love, to yourself this Valentine’s Day because you deserve it.

This letterbox offering from Marks and Spencer is the ideal treat for you and to you, which includes a range of delectable goodies like popcorn and assorted heart chocolates.

Price: £25, Marks and Spencer – buy it here

10. Sanctuary Spa Lost in the Moment Gift Set

Sanctuary Spa Lost in the Moment Gift Set

Unwind and treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience at home.

This heart shaped goody box is filled with several treats to help you enjoy a good old pamper evening.

These include a foaming bath soak, exfoliating salt scrub, nourishing hand cream, hydrating heel balm, creamy body butter and a cleansing face mask.

Price: £18, Moonpig – buy it here

11. Love Cocoa For Her Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Love Cocoa For Her Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Handmade here in Britain, the products have excellent eco credentials: palm oil free, with 100% recyclable packaging and compostable inners.

Treat yourself to a little slice of chocolate heaven with this decadent hamper, which includes Raspberry Champagne Truffles, Pink Gin Truffles, a Limited Edition Salted Caramel ‘Heart’ Milk Chocolate Bar and Strawberry Champagne White Chocolate Bar.

This is accompanied by a mini bottle of gin to make this a Valentine’s gift to remember. .

Every purchase plants a tree in East Kenya as part of Love Cocoa’s Plant A Tree initiative (to date, the brand has planted over a million trees).

Price: £30, Love Cocoa – buy it here

12. Robotime 3D DIY House Kit Greenhouse

If you love keeping busy, it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to get stuck into an activity for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy hours of intricacy whilst you build your very own greenhouse, complete with plants, pallets, shelves and even a working light.

The craft is the perfect DIY project to undertake solo.

Price: £42.99, Amazon – buy it here

13. Valentine’s Prosecco & Flower Bouquet

Valentine’s Prosecco & Flower Bouquet

Another treat for you that can be enjoyed solo or shared with a friend.

This hamper features flowers with a beautiful bottle of La Tenuta Sconta DOC Prosecco, which is excellent quality.

Dried flowers are hugely popular at the moment, as they’re longer lasting and more sustainable than fresh flowers and a little bit more discreet for those who are on the shy side. However, it’ll make the perfect accent to a room in your home well after Valentine’s Day.

Price: £49, Hampers – buy it here

14. Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Bestsellers Kit

Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Bestsellers Kit

What’s a better Valentine’s gift than the gift of glowing skin?

Treat yourself to a complete skincare kit based on Korean beauty practises from Glow Recipe, this set gives you the chance to try (and fall in love with) the best of Glow Recipe as you complete your regime.

Included in the kit is the Watermelon Pore Tight Toner, Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask, Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops, Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum, Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser.

Price: £24, Glow Recipe – buy it here

15. Crystal Ball Gin

Now, it might not tell you your future but it will dazzle you and be a great addition to the v-day cocktails.

The drink boasts a striking purple colour and glittery appearance, with a delicately sweet and floral blend with notes of cherry and elderberry – delicious.

But that’s not all – at the touch of a button, a light concealed within the base of the orb-shaped bottle illuminates the spirit to create a mystical glittery glow.

Price: £39.99, Firebox – buy it here

16. One Year Roses Box – 4 Piece

One Year Roses Box – 4 Piece

Roses, lovely aren’t they? And then after just a few days they die.
However, these fabulous roses will last for a full year, now that’s a great way to show yourself some love.

Choose from Classic Champagne, Vintage Pink, Lace White or Rouge Red for their roses, which will look fabulous for an entire year, all presented in an elegant black or white gift box.

Price: £49.95, PrezzyBox – buy it here

17. Laurent Perrier Rose Flutes Ice Bucket Gift Set

Laurent Perrier Rose Flutes Ice Bucket Gift Set

Who said you have to share? Whether you’ll be enjoying a sip or two on your own, or maybe with a friend this luxury gift set is perfect.

One of the most famous of all fine pink Champagnes, presented in its special bottle and exclusive gift set, together with two champagne flutes and a Laurent-Perrier branded ice bucket.

A classy fizz with a fine mousse and rich layers of flavour.

Price: £110, Laithwaites – buy it here

18. Personalised Pet Portrait

Personalised Pet Portrait

If your pet is your true love, you’ll love this affordable gift from Not on the High Street which allows you to get a personalised portrait of your favourite pooch.

What’s more, it’s not just for dogs, the creator is able to draw horses, cats, mice and any other of your furry friends.

Price: £36, Not on the High Street – buy it here

19. Nice Sauvignon Blanc Wine in a Box

Nice Sauvignon Blanc Wine in a Box

Because a glass of wine to celebrate your singledom is almost a certainty, right?

Each NICE boxed wine is equal to three bottles, nine cans, or 18 small glasses of wine; it lasts longer in a box (as it won’t oxidise) staying fresh for six weeks after opening – bet you can’t say that about all your Valentine’s gifts.

It’s also available as a Rose and Malbec.

Price: £21.50, Nice Drinks – buy it here

20. Personalised Rioja Crianza And Cheese Wooden Hamper

Personalised Rioja Crianza And Cheese Wooden Hamper

One way we’d suggest celebrating is with an assortment of your favourite foods, and if cheese and wine is on the agenda – this personalised set is perfect for you.

It features a bespoke wooden hamper, containing a bottle of premium red Rioja Crianza wine and three different cheeses for you to try – what more could you want?

Price: £65, Not on the High Street – buy it here

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