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Best sex toys for couples: 12 to spice things up from £5.99

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  • Did you know? There are some *very* exciting sex toys for couples available these days..

    KeepIf you’ve ever been stuck in a rut and felt like you don’t know how to be intimate with your partner, it might just be time to invest in one of the best sex toys for couples.

    Fun fact: UK sex toy statistics reveal that 45% of couples have used a toy at some point in their relationship. A bit like serial monogamy, sex toys can commonly be misjudged as a little taboo when, really, they’re a great way to explore your sexual freedom and enhance your sex life. Sex therapists maintain that using sex toys as a couple – if both parties are comfortable, keen and interested in doing so – can be a sure-fire way to spice up your love life and reignite some passion in the bedroom.

    Even shopping for said toy could act as an exciting form of role-play.

    Keen? You’ve probably read our extensive guide (you’re welcome) to the best sex toys, now: sex toys for couples. Whether you’re just looking to add some variety to your bedroom repertoire or are eager to make getting your or his orgasms easier, these are the best toys currently available for two to finally make that sexual fantasy a reality.

    Best sex toys for couples: how do I know which to buy? 

    Good question. Our advice? Always read the reviews and go with a brand you know and trust. Key considerations:

    • Do you want to buy a toy that you use on your partner, or a toy that works on both of you at the same time?
    • Do you want a toy that vibrates, or a toy that massages, or a toy that you can insert?
    • Do you need a quiet sex toy or is noise not an important factor?
    • Do you need your toy to be cheap, or do you have more expendable budget?
    • Do you have a particular type in mind, eg cock ring, couple’s vibrator, jiggle balls, or dildos?

    Our personal favourites are the Lelo Tor 2 (a couple’s ring, hello), LoveHoney Satisifer couple’s vibrator and the Sqweel oral sex stimulator (the clue is in the name).  Keep reading for our full round up of the best sex toys for couples.

    Best sex toys for couples: 12 to spice things up

    1. Satisfyer Endless Fun Rechargeable Couple’s Vibrator

    Price: £49.99 from LoveHoney

    Good for: Couples who get turned on by pleasuring each other

    Review: Brand new to the market, the Satisfyer Endless Fun will be your new best friend in the bedroom. Both you and your partner will love the intense sensations they create – he will be especially turned on seeing how great it feels for you. They have been built to not only look good, but their design makes the pleasure even more powerful. Let your partner tease you by working his way up the seven settings until you can’t take any more.


    2. LoveHoney Excite Pleasure Balls

    Price: £12.99 from LoveHoney

    Good for: Couples who want to try something new

    Review: This clever new toy doubles up as a pelvic floor trainer and a delightful sexual experience. Slip them in during foreplay while you pleasure him to make sure you are getting just as much fun out of it as he does. The gentle vibrations they create when you move will ensure orgasmic effects. To indulge your senses further, they have been designed with delicate ridges creating an innovative and surprising texture for your body.

    Best sex toys for couples: LoveHoney Excite Pleasure Balls


    3. Durex Play Vibrations Cock Ring

    Price: £5 from

    Good for: Couples who just want to give it a try

    Review: With a price as low as £5 you might think it’s not worth the bother, but Durex’s Play Vibrations penis ring is a great example of orgasmic value for money! It slides over his penis and the tiny vibrator stimulates your clitoris as well as giving him exciting vibrations, too. It’s an ideal starter sex toy and is great for travelling with as it’s small and you won’t need a charger. Be aware, though, each ring lasts around 20 minutes, so you might want to keep a back-up!

    Best sex toys for couples: Durex Play Vibrations Cock Ring


    4. LoveHoney Tease Finger Vibrator

    Price: £9.99 from

    Good for: The couple who don’t want another ‘penis’ in the bedroom

    Review: Phallic vibrators and dildos can be off-putting for men, and yet other men suffer ego damage at the idea that a vibrator can get you to orgasm when maybe they can’t… which is why the LoveHoney Finger Vibrator is so great. This is a vibrator that fits onto his fingertips, so your man is still giving you your orgasm, just with a little help. But it’s not just about your orgasm, you can also put it on your fingertip to stimulate him while using your hands.

    Best sex toys for couples: LoveHoney Tease Finger Vibrator


    5. IDA from LELO

    Price: £111.20 from

    Good for: Getting you and him to orgasm more easily

    Review: At last, a vibe that you can wear inside you while he’s inside you. The Ida from LELO is a groundbreaking vibe that even the most experienced of couples will enjoy. Why? Not only does the vibe go inside you alongside his penis, it rotates as it vibrates. Part of the vibe remains outside where it stimulates your clitoris and his penis, too. But it doesn’t stop there, it also comes with a wireless controller so that you can switch between the different settings while it – and your man – are inside you.

    Best sex toys for couples: IDA from LELO


    6. NOA from LELO

    Price: £85.51,

    Good for: When you want to be really quiet

    Review: This is so quiet it’s practically silent which, when you’re staying with the in-laws, is exactly what you need. Worn during sex, the vibrator will deliver its powerful vibrations to both you and him, and you can also use it with a remote control (sold separately) if you want to.

    Best sex toys for couples: NOA from LELO


    7. Sqweel GO USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Stimulator

    Price: £39.99 from

    Good for: When his tongue gets tired

    Review: This vibrator with its rotating ‘tongue’ is designed to replicate oral sex, so it’s ideal for women who love oral sex but find their partner just isn’t able to keep going for long enough. Use it at the beginning so you can get warmed up then have him go down on you, or use it when he gets tired. Either way, it’s ideal for extending the time you get to enjoy oral sex.

    Best sex toys for couples: Sqweel GO USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Stimulator


    8. TOR 2 from LELO

    Price: £109 from

    Good for: Couples who want a more intense sex-perience

    Review: It’s not just powerful, with six vibrations, it’s strong. This masculine-looking vibrating ring is incredibly elastic so it can slide onto any man’s penis (use some lube to make it a delicious part of foreplay) then both of you will experience intense vibrations during sex.

    Best sex toys for couples: TOR 2 from LELO


    9. Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

    Price: £34.99 from

    Good for: Couples who want to display their sex life on their mantlepiece

    Review: Let’s face it, most of us will want to keep our sex toys away from prying eyes, but when a dildo looks as beautiful as these two, you might be tempted to at least put them on your bedside table. With pink for you and clear/black for him, each shaped differently for maximum pleasure, you can each have one to use so no one feels left out.

    Best sex toys for couples: Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set


    1o. We-Vibe 4 Plus

    Price: £79.99 from

    Good for: Couples who want equality in the bedroom

    Review: In the past, it’s been difficult to find vibrators that are designed for use during sex but now there are a variety of options. But, by far the best is the We-Vibe 4 Plus, which was partly designed based on customer requests for a vibrator they could use together, during penetrative sex, with remote control via an app on a smartphone. The product design also means that both your hands and his are free to do whatever else it is you love to do during sex.

    Best sex toys for couples: We Vibe 4 Plus


    11. Fusion

    Price: £48.61 from

    Good for: Couples looking for an upgrade

    Review: Fusion has an exciting ten vibration functions and, fun fact, you can bend the vibrator into whichever shape you and your partner fancy (or like the feel of). You can even shape it into a couple’s ring – one of the best sex toys for couples who want to come together again.

    Best sex toys for couples: Fusion


    12. Pillow Play App

    Price: £5.99 for one month or £29.99 for a year from the app store

    Good for: Couples who want to experiment in a safe and private way.

    Review: Sure, it’s not your standard sex toy, but the Pillow app is a great start point for couples new to exploring. Pillow follows a similar structure to a guided mediation. Over the top of relaxing, spa-style music, a voice tells you exactly what you and your partner should be doing. It might make you giggle to start with, but you get used to the weirdness quickly. The idea is that by following the instructions you focus far more on foreplay and less on penetrative sex, which for the female party is often the less pleasurable aspect of sex.

    The app encourages you to approach sex slowly, touching each other’s bodies and communicating. If you can get past the fact that it feels a bit weird to have a random voice telling you what to do to your other half? It’s actually really well researched. The app contains lots of different routines you can try. They won’t all work for everyone – the one that focuses around compliments could feel quite stressful if you’re shy about your body, but there’s a lot of variety so there’s something for everyone.


    Need more convincing? 

    Sex toys are a simple way of keeping your – and your partner’s – love life spicy. Bored of the same old missionary sex position or not sure how to talk about your fetishes? An easy way of easing into any sexual fantasy is investing in some couple’s toys (and read our guide to the hottest sex positions, too).

    Don’t miss our guides to the male sex toys and the most eco-friendly sex toys, while you’re here. Looking to spice things up in the bedroom in other ways? Our expert-led explanations of tantric sex and bondage for beginners might just help, too.

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