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Best Mattresses For Heavy People

We’ve rounded-up some of the best mattresses on the market for heavier people – so if you’re wanting to upgrade yours, read on

Is it time to upgrade your mattress for one that best suits your needs?

If you’ve been wanting to change your mattress to one that provides more support but you’re unsure where to start then look no further.

With so many mattress options available on the market today it’s definitely a challenge deciding on which one is best suited to your needs.

If you carry more weight it’s important to find a mattress that will give you extra support as you sleep, especially as we spend a third of our lives sleeping.

There’s absolutely no need to settle for just any mattress as there are many options that will help you to achieve a sound night’s sleep, whilst providing you with support.

Mattress specifications to consider

There are some important factors that you’ll want to take into consideration before deciding on your mattress. As mattresses come in so many different sizing and material options, knowing which is best suited for plus-size and big-and-tall sleepers is very important.

  • Ensure that the mattress is thicker than the average – 25cm or more
  • You will want a mattress that is medium/firm or firm so that it supports your wait and enables you to move freely
  • If a pocket spring mattress is what you’re after, take note of the spring count, making sure that is has at least 2000 springs

Mattress type best suited for heavy people

Medium mattresses are suitable for people who weigh around 160lbs to 200lbs – these mattresses will balance the level of support and comfort layers, providing you with the right amount of support and softness.

Medium-firm is ideal for people weighing between 200lbs to 230lbs – supporting different body types and weight ranges and are less likely to soften or sag as quickly.

Firm mattresses are best for people who weigh more than 230lbs – extra factors are taken into consideration like edge support, ease of movement, pressure relief, and temperature control.

Mattress types

With so many options available it’s good to know exactly what each has to offer so that there aren’t any surprises once you make that investment.

Here’s some information on the most popular types of mattress:

  • Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam that uses your body heat to soften and mould to your shape. Once pressure is removed, memory foam will bounce back slowly and over time remembering your body shape and optimal sleeping
  • Pocket sprung: A pocket sprung mattress is made from individual pocket springs, each enclosed within its own fabric pocket. The spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that area, they don’t move as a whole unit.
  • Open coil spring: An open coil mattress is a supportive, sprung mattress that features coils of high tensile steel that has been wound into hundreds of springs and connected by a wire rod edge. They run from side-to-side and are available in a range of firmness ratings that include soft, medium or firm.
  • Latex: A latex mattress combines latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to create a supportive and durable sleep surface.
  • Hybrid: Includes a layer of coiled springs on the bottom and one to three layers of latex or memory foam on the top.
  • ActiGel : An actigel mattress is combined with memory foam, being the most common type. It can also be combined with latex and pocket spring mattresses.
Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – Up to 40% off

This is Nectar’s premium 25cm thick medium-firm memory foam mattress that will hug your body whilst keeping you cool.

With three layers of premium foam designed to deliver optimum levels of comfort as well as providing excellent body support and spinal alignment.

Originally priced at £618.50

THE SIMBA Hybrid Mattress – Up to 40% off

The Simba Hybrid mattress is five-layers of sleeping beauty that offers gravity-defying comfort and innovative solutions to overheating.

Each isolated coil offers individual support for you on your side of the bed, thanks to the unique titanium Aerocoil comfort layer.

Originally priced at £1,249

Emma Premium Mattress – Up to 45% OFF

All Emma mattresses lie in the medium firmness range to ensure correct spinal alignment and support.

Providing you with six layers for enhanced support and comfort, whilst the five zone CarbonFlex with extra-tall springs and doubled ultra-breathable Airgocell foam allow you to get the perfect night’s sleep.

The HRX foam layer has been added for optimal spinal alignment and extra support.

Originally priced at £749

Best mattresses 2021

1. THE SIMBA Hybrid Mattress

THE SIMBA Hybrid Mattress from £274.56

Type: Spring and foam
Firmness: Medium-firm
Number of Springs: 2500
Trial : 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Sizes: Super king, king, EU queen, double, EU double, small double, single, EU single, kids

The game-changing Simba Hybrid mattress is a five-layered sleeping beauty that offers gravity-defying comfort and innovative solutions to overheating.

Each coil offers individual support for you on your side of the bed, thanks to the unique titanium Aerocoil comfort layer and many other unique Simba features.

2. Dormeo Options Hybrid

Dormeo Options Hybrid from £210.90
  • Type: Spring and foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Sizes: Single, double, king, super king

This cool and breathable airmesh sides mattress provides optimum breathability, helping move humid air out and fresh air in.

The 2.5cms of memory foam plus individual springs placed in their own isolated fabric pockets that move independently providing extra support and less transfer of movement.

3. OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress – From £389.99
  • Type: Spring and foam

  • Firmness: Medium-firm

  • Number of Springs: 2000

  • Trial : 100 nights

  • Guarantee: 10 years

  • Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king, EU double, EU king, EU single, Emperor

The Hybrid has a combination of 2000 16cm pocket springs and foam for optimum comfort.

The top layer combines temperature regulating memory foam, keeping you at the optimum temperature throughout the night – all designed to give you the perfect night’s sleep.

Buy now from OTTY ( 389.99 ).

4. Tempur Sensation Mattress

Tempur Sensation Mattress from £1,249
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Trial : 100 nights
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Sizes: Single, double, EU double, king, EU king, super king

The Tempur Sensation mattress has been cleverly engineered with layers of TEMPUR Material with Dynamic Support Technology without springs, for supreme comfort and pressure relieving support.

Opt for the Elite (25cm deep) -which includes comfort material and deeper layers of support, or the Luxe (30cm deep) that provide you with layers of comfort which conform to your body providing you with maximum support.

Buy now from Tempur ( £1,249 ).

5. Ergoflex 5G Mattress

Ergoflex 5G Mattress from £300

Type: Foam

Firmness: Medium-firm

Guarantee: 10 years

Sizes: Single, double, EU double, king, EU king, super king

The Ergoflex 5G Mattress will provide you with both s upport and pressure relief.

The five-layer sleep system consists of premium materials that work in harmony, combined together create the most supportive, comfortable and pressure-relieving mattress.

Buy now from Ergoflex ( £444 )

If you’re looking for more mattresses that suits the needs not only for yourself bbut for the rest of your family members the you can check out these best mattress 2021: Memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid mattresses reviewed.

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