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Best Dog Cooling Products UK

With temperatures hotting up, we’ve got all the products and tips you need to keep your pooch cool during the heatwave

Protect your dog from the heat with these products and tips

After weeks of disappointing weather, July is finally starting to heat up with temperatures in parts of the UK set to reach highs of 33°C tomorrow.

And while that spells joy for sun worshippers, our furry friends may not be so thrilled by the sudden heat.

Our beloved pooches can suffer fatal heat stroke within minutes when temperatures soar in the summer months, so it’s important to keep them as cool as possible to reduce their risk of overheating.

There are plenty of products out there to prevent your pet from overheating including cooling mats, doggy paddling pools, water fountains and even sun screen to protect their skin.

Here is everything you need to know about caring for your dog during a heatwave, including useful tips on keeping your furry friend cool.

PetKit Smart Drinking Fountain, £45

One of the most important ways to keep your dog from overheating is by keeping them hydrated ,and this drinking fountain ensures your pooch will be provided with fresh water throughout the day.

Medium Cooling Mat, £5.99

Whether you’re staying in or off out for the day, be sure to take this cooling mat with you for your pooch. It’s self-cooling, so there’s no need to add water or ice and can easily be folded to take with you on the go.

Dog Paddling Pool, £24.99

Who said paddling pools were just for kids? There’s nothing better than a dip on a hot summers day and it’s the perfect way to cool your pooch down. It’s foldable too, meaning it can be easily stored away for next year.

Sprinkler Cooling Mat, £13

Looking to take things one step further? Watch your pooch have the time of their life with this sprinkler cooling mat. The mat connects to your existing garden hose and simply adjust water pressure to lower or heighten the spray height.

3 Peaks Cooling Dog Jacket, £18

This adjustable cooling jacket is available in a range of different sizes for medium, large and extra large breeds. The lightweight material will also keep your dog feeling much more comfortable in warm weather.

Chillax Cool Soak Bone, £3.50

This toy bone can be filled with water and frozen to cool down your dog. It’s also ideal for helping to soothe the mouths of teething puppies all year round.

Emmy’s Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray, £45.54

Just like people, dogs need protection from the sun. This SPF contains no zinc-oxide or other harmful chemicals making it dog-friendly and suitable for all breeds. The non-greasy formula also contains shea butter and coconut oil which nourishes dog’s coats whilst also protecting it.

Pet Ice Cooling Dog Bandana, £5

They’ll be the coolest pooch on the block with this stylish bandana. Simply soak in water, wring out any excess and fasten it around their neck and repeat when needed.

Top tips for keeping your dog cool:

When is it too hot to walk your dog?

According to VetsNow, it’s safe to take your dog for a walk in temperatures of up to 19C as long as they are well-hydrated.

However, your dog will be at risk of heatstroke in anything above 20C, with warm days between 20-23C receiving a risk rating of six out of 10.

Between 24-27C the risk goes up to nine out of 10, and anything over 32C is deemed a 10 out of 10 risk.

And while the temperature outside can be unbearable for a pooch, absolutely never leave your dog in a car – because when it’s 22C outside the temperatures in a car can reach a dangerous 47C within an hour.

Best ways to to keep your dog cool

Paddling pools are a great way to help your dog cool down if you have access to a garden space, as well as garden sprinklers or even a damp towel they can lie on.

You should also encourage your dogs to stay in cool, shaded areas wherever possible, and make sure the pooch has plenty of access to water throughout the day.

If you are out and about with your pet carry a bottle of water and a bowl with you to ensure they stay hydrated.

What are the signs of heatstroke in dogs?

Much like humans, dogs can suffer heatstroke if they get too hot.

Signs you need to look out for include heavy panting and excessively drooling, while the RSPCA says dogs with heatstroke may appear lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated, and could even collapse or vomit.

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