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Best Comedy Movies Of All Time

Here at GLAMOUR HQ, we love to laugh. Comedy makes our world go round so comedy movies are often a hot topic in the office and a reasonable cause for disagreement. And with good reason: a healthy dose of laughter helps boost your mood and get those happy hormones pumping. It’s literally science.

Don’t believe us? Well, studies show that the short-term benefits of laugher include *cue speedy pharmaceutical advert style voice*: intake of oxygen-rich air; stimulation of muscles including your heart and lungs; increased endorphins; activation and relief of your stress response; and muscle relaxation. We also hear that laughter is a pretty cheap way to help fix a broken heart and to that, we say thank you. Basically, we’re not saying you should trade the aspirin for a comedy flick, but putting on a funny movie won’t hurt. And we know the very best ones to get those endorphins flowing.

So, we have rounded up what we believe are the best comedy movies of all time. From cult classics like Mean Girls and Easy A to the ‘90s flicks you’ve almost certainly forgotten about (case in point: The Nutty Professor), these are the best films to stick on for some of ‘the best medicine’…

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