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Best Chimineas: 13 Top Picks To Keep Your Garden Toasty This Summer

All the best chimineas get sold out well before summer is in motion, so consider this your annual reminder to get your act together for 2022. That’s right, we may have only had a brief glimpse of summer sun so far, but buyers are already snapping up all their garden furniture for the warmer months and, would you believe it, some items have even sold out. 

While sun loungers and outdoor rugs might be your priority, the humble chiminea is not to be overlooked. We’ve all been there, soaking up the sun with friends in our back garden when, inevitably, its comforting warmth begins to sunset on you, leaving everyone in need of blankets and sweatshirts. Enter: the chiminea. Long gone are the days of glumly heading indoors in search of a warmer seat because the chiminea – with its toasty wood-stoked fire – is the saviour that will keep your whole party cosy, al fresco and in good spirits. 

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What’s the best chiminea to buy, you ask? It depends on a number of factors and priorities, with ‘what are you using it for?’ at the top of the list. These days, you can buy chimineas for cooking, for warmth and – from, namely – even for their feature-like appearances. For cooking, see Amara’s Henley fireplace; with a roomy shelf for grilling and an in-built log shelf so you needn’t worry about re-stoking, it’s a top pick for chef’s looking to go al fresco with their indulgent creations this year. Elsewhere, Amazon’s La Hacienda Leon chiminea is championing all-round warmth with 360-degree visibility and a safety mesh for animals and children. With regards to price, chimineas range from around the £50 mark all the way up to £500+ mostly depending on price and brand prestige. Cast-iron and decorated clay chimineas will usually fetch a higher price, while lighter steel ones are perhaps better for budget buyers. Our top pick? Establish your non-negotiables before you start browsing.

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