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Best BT Broadband Deals – Mirror Online

BT’s best and most popular offers on both internet and TV

Keep costs down at home thanks to BT’s mega broadband deals

With the cost of living rising, more and more people are thinking about ways to save money – whether that be by switching energy providers or cutting back on unnecessary spending.

One of the most widely-available internet providers across the UK, BT, has stepped up its game by launching epic deals on their home broadband packages to help their customers save.

The internet provider offers a number of different deals, including BT broadband packages that combine broadband with its critically-acclaimed set-top box BT TV, “unbreakable” BT Halo broadband that uses EE’s 4G and 5G network as a backup, superfast speeds in areas upgraded to next-generation full-fibre broadband, and more.

If you’re thinking of switching to BT, but are unsure where to start, this guide to the best BT deals will aid you in the right direction.

BT Full Fibre 1 (50Mbps) + £70 free Gift Card

BT’s Fibre 1 package will appeal to households in which multiple people are streaming or browsing at the same time. It comes with an upload speed of 10Mbits/sec and a Stay Fast Guarantee of 25Mbits/sec. A £70 digital Reward Card sweetens the deal, as does a month-long speed boost to 150Mbits/sec with no strings attached.

Download speed: 50Mbps | Upload speed: 10Mbps | Speed guarantee: 25Mbps | Minimum contract length: 24-months | Postage: £0

BT Full Fibre 2 (74Mbps) + £100 free Gift Card

We reckon this is the best deal of the bunch: with Fibre 2, you’re getting up to a decent 74Mbits/sec, which is enough to stream and game on lots of devices at the same time.

On top of this, the upload speed is double that of Fibre 1 at 20Mbits/sec and there’s a Stay Fast Guarantee of 34Mbits/sec. As with the deal above, you’ll also get a one-month speed boost to a lightning-quick 500Mbits/sec, but the gift card spend has been upgraded to £100, and you can spend it in any shop that accepts Mastercard.

Download speeds: 74Mbps | Upload speeds: 20Mbps | Set-up costs: £0 | Minimum contract length: 24-months | Postage: £0

BT Full Fibre 100 + one-month speed boost

Full Fibre 100 will get you super-smooth gaming and as many simultaneous downloads as you want, alongside an upload speed of 30Mbits/sec and a Stay Fast Guarantee of 100Mbits/sec. As with the packages above, you’ll also get a month-long speed boost to 500Mbits/sec with no strings attached.

Download speed: 150Mbps | Upload speed: 30Mbps | Speed Guarantee: Yes, 100Mbps | Minimum contract term: 24-months | Activation and postage costs: £9.99

For a limited time, BT is offering a huge £100 Reward Card with every broadband and TV plan. As it’s powered by Mastercard, you can spend it more or less anywhere online. Just get in there quickly as we’re not sure how long this offer will last.

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