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Beauty Snacking Is The New Wellness Trend That Boosts Mood Through Self Care

Many of us who have been working from home for the last two years have struggled with the monotony of daily life. The combination of having no separation between work and home as well as the lack of social experiences meant that often, days were dragging by without much variety or leisure.

But beauty seems to have come to the rescue is quite a delightful way in the form of “beauty snacking”, i.e. bitesized moments of self-care through products that have been designed to brighten our days and boost our moods. 

“Extended periods of lockdown and the shift to home-working disrupted traditional morning and evening beauty routines and saw people opt for smaller ad hoc, micro beauty moments throughout the day to break up the home-working lifestyle or create moments of pleasure,” explains Clare Varga, Head of Beauty at trend forecasting agency WGSN

The ritualistic aspect of beauty snacking is where the real magic lies, helping to provide structured self-reflection as well as moments of mindfulness. Plus, it’s a well established fact that little breaks help to boost productivity and concentration. 

The popular Pomodoro Technique, recommends work sessions of 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break, and at least a 15-minute break every two hours. Similarly, a study by International Data Corporation (IDC) found that the optimal work-to-break ratio was 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest.

“Beauty snacking is defined by flash treatments and desktop, easy-to-apply, no-mess formats that deliver in seconds,” says Clare. But with many companies encouraging a return to work not that the guidelines for working from home have been lifted, what will happen to the beauty snacks we’ve grown to rely on?

According to Clare, the trend is not going anywhere. “Beauty snacking will evolve in the year ahead, with consumers who adopted the behaviour while home-working seeking products and tools that let them snack on the go. Innovation in formulation and travel-friendly designs will deliver on hygiene, efficiency and sustainability.”

From a room mist that helps us refocus, or an indulgent hand cream that also serves to relieve dry hands, or an illuminator that brightens the complexion before a video call, there’s a beauty snack to suit everyone’s taste… 

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