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Baby Blonde Is The Soft Shade That Gives You Baby Angel Hair

The gentle colour of pre-school strands is the inspo for the next big hair colour trend that’s blowing up on social. “Baby blonde” is the adorable cherubic shade that’s inspired by the brighter blonde hair some toddlers have when they’re little.

It follows on from the ’90s and ‘00s hair revival that’s been dominating beauty trends. We’ve relived the scrunchies, butterfly clips and baby braids from when we were in primary school, but baby blonde pushes things back further still, to when we were dinky with huge bambi eyelashes and soft, silky angel hair.

Box dyes have already jumped on the baby blonde train with Natural Baby Blonde shades offering DIY all-over platinum. But expert colourists like Brazil’s Romeu Felipe have honed hair colour techniques to give the shade beautiful dimension and a much more natural, innate feel. A leader in creating multi-dimensional blondes, his “soft baby blonde” takes its cue from the delicate hair of children which “perfectly reveals light and shadow effects,” according to Wella.

The painting technique blends sun-bleached, baby cherub shades with deeper undertones and roots for an effect that looks youthful but natural.

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Licks of lighter gold are applied to the front sections and baby hairs, then woven seamlessly through the crown and lengths.

But the condition is just as important, too. Shiny, soft strands are what sets this shade off, so glossy treatments and nourishing masks are a key component of caring for this colour.

The shade is a hit with celebs like Sofia Richie, whose delicious rendition of the colour was created by hair colourist and balayage queen, Tauni Dawson.

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