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Apple Leather Is The New Vegan Material You Need To Know – And Pamela Anderson Approves

So you’ve heard of mushroom leather and pineapple leather, but did you know that apple leather is also a thing? And – more importantly – that Pamela Anderson is teaming up with Ashoka Paris, a PETA-approved vegan brand, to launch a collection of apple leather handbags? Consider our minds well and truly blown. 

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, PETA UK is holding a giveaway to mark the release of the collection, meaning you could win a free Pamela shopping bag! Exciting stuff. 

According to PETA, the bags are available in “black, nude, terracotta, and red” and feature “brushed, golden clasps and a pop art–style lining, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and carries a motif of Pamela’s stylised lips as well as her slogan ‘RÉSISTE!’”

But – apart from the obvious – what is apple leather actually made from? Well, using the cores and skins discarded from the industrial food industry, apples are puréed, spread on a solid sheet and dehydrated until almost all of the moisture has been removed. This purée turns into a flexible, leathery sheet that is then combined with Polyurethane to create vegan leather.

Pamela and Ashoka aren’t the only ones using apple leather. Italian footwear brand Womsh is working with northern Italian apple Leather company Fruman to create a range of vegan footwear that is both ethical and sartorially on-point. Who knew?!

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Much like the current big-hitters on the trainer circuit, there are plimsoll-style pairs with small platforms as well as chunkier, ‘dad’ style trainers with punchy coloured details.

According to the company’s manifesto, they “believe that fashion and sustainability must co-exist.”

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