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Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto make a formidable power couple in WeCrashed on Apple TV full-length trailer

We’re freshly enthralled with Apple TV+’s upcoming miniseries WeCrashed, starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway as the power couple behind ill-fated co-working empire WeWork. Jared plays zany company founder Adam Neumann, while Anne is his equally intense and brilliant wife and collaborator, Rebekah.

Our appetites were already well and truly whetted by the initial teaser, released in January of this year, which showcased the leading actors’ compelling relationship, which is at the centre of their hubristic rise and fall. 


The full-length two minute 25 second long trailer has added more colour to their gripping on-screen dynamic. 

“What do you care about? Make a business out of that feeling…” Anne as Rekekah tells Jared – as Adam – early on, before taking a sledgehammer to the building. Later on, the trailer hints to trouble in paradise for this dynamic duo. 


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“You couldn’t do this without me”, warns Rebekah, who also grapples with the question “Are you a maverick or a muse?” when asked by an interviewer. 

There’s also a killer script, clearly – with lines like “I’m a golden goose laying golden eggs” (from Jared, as Adam).

There’s also plenty of excitement besides, including wild office parties (to the tune of Harlem shake… retro!). Oh, and as an added perk the costume department has delivered an absolute banger in terms of Anne’s on-screen sartorial looks. She’s super stylish in monochrome tailored aesthetics, like a 2022 Andy from The Devil Wears Prada


Already the subject of a documentary on Hulu and a podcast from Wondery (on which the series is based), the story of WeWork is somewhat familiar. 

Put very simply: Adam was a dreamer who raised an incredible amount of capital to finance his vision of a millennial-friendly office space, before branching into the residential and educational sectors. Along the way, the company he ran became, according to some, toxic and cult-like, with partying a staple of the business culture and Neumann presenting himself as a godlike figure beyond reproach. 

His wife, a well-to-do dabbler (and cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow, as she liked to remind everyone), became more and more involved in the company and encouraged in Adam an eccentricity and spiritualism that didn’t seem to serve a helpful business purpose.

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