Android photo editor – photo filter 2021

Android photo editor – photo filter 2021

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Android photo editor


  • Drawing on image with option to change its Brush’s Color, Size, Opacity and Erasing.
  • Apply Filter Effect on image using MediaEffect
  • Adding/Editing Text with option to change its Color with Custom Fonts.
  • Adding Emoji with Custom Emoji Fonts./li>
  • Adding Images/Stickers
  • Pinch to Scale and Rotate views.
  • Undo and Redo for Brush and Views.
  • Deleting Views
  • Saving Photo after editing.
  • Share to social network
  • Complete Documentation
  • Full Source Code

Filter Effect.

Photo editor Screenshots 1

We can add the text with inputText and colorCode like this.

Photo editor Screenshots 2


Photo editor Screenshots 2

Text & sticker

Photo editor Screenshots 2

Preview and saved

Photo editor Screenshots 2

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