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Alternative Wedding Dresses: 31 To Shop Now

So you’ve got the fiancé picked out and the ring on your finger, but – as the brides-to-be among you may be starting to realise – the selection process is only just getting started.

While, of course, the person you’re legally binding yourself to is the most crucial decision to make when it comes to weddings, there are a whole host of other decisions to consider before you arrive at the big day. 

What time of year do we want to marry? What time of day? How many bridesmaids do I want? Do I want any? What about a maid of honour? Who’s going to walk me down the aisle? Shall I just walk myself? How many guests do we invite? How do we navigate the trickier family dynamics? What sort of music do we want? What sort of food do we want? Which photographer should we go for? Should we bother with a videographer? Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it.

Of course, for those of you with a keen eye on sartorial matters, there’s also the very important question of the dress.

Does it need to be full length? Do I go white or ivory? Do I go fitted or lashings of tulle? Do I want sleeves? Do I go high-neck? Do I want any lace, or beading, or embroidery? 

If finding the dress is proving more difficult than finding both the fiancé and the ring combined, then maybe you’re not as predictable as even you thought. Sure, you want to get married, but does that mean you have to adhere to all bridal traditions?

Meringue-like styles aren’t for everyone, and whether you always pictured yourself as the classic blushing bride in a big white gown or not tastes change and, thankfully, so does the ever-increasing wealth of options.

If you feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall while picking out the most important dress you’ll ever wear (no pressure), then why not change things up via a raised hemline, a flash of colour or a splash of sequins – or all three? Alternative wedding dresses are really gaining in popularity right now, and with ceremonies taking on so many different forms post-pandemic now is the perfect time to get experimental.

Where to buy bridesmaid dresses online that’ll suit every member of your bridal squad

When it comes to the modern-day wedding, rules are relatively off-limits, so if you fancy walking down the aisle in a goddamn bin bag you should.

If not – scroll down to take a look at our pick of the most beautiful, alternative wedding dresses for brides who like writing their own rules…

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