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Aldi selling ‘excellent’ £7.99 facial steamer for a spa experience on a budget

Improve your skin while feeling like you’re at a spa with Aldi’s bargain facial steamer, now only £7.99 in the sale

It’s such a bargain

If you a fancy a spa day at home, Aldi is currently selling a facial steamer that’s designed to help improve your skin – and it’s only £7.99.

The bargain steamer is part of the supermarket giant’s hugely popular Specialbuys range and is available both in stores and online at

The handy device sprays warm steam from the removeable inhaler attachments. With a three year warranty, the steamer comes complete with a large facial mask and nose mask to cover your important areas.

Usually £12.99, shoppers can now get their hands on the Visage Facial Steamer for just £7.99 – saving them 38%. It’s available in a pink or grey version and you can choose your preferred option by selecting a drop down menu online.

Aldi Visage Facial Steamer

This steamer helps to open up the pores and remove the dirt that can lead to blemishes, leaving you with spa-perfect skin.

It includes a measuring cup, an aromatherapy cover, steam inhaler attachments, a large facial mask and nose mask to cover important areas.

Steaming your face has a number of skin-loving benefits, including unclogging the pores and decreasing acne-inducing bacteria. It can also boost circulation and improve hydration.

Face steaming is even said to promote collagen and elastin production in the skin, leaving you with a firmer and younger-looking complexion.

The button-operated steamer is affordably priced as well, but there’s no word on how long the 38% discount will run – so be quick.

It’s a much easier way to steam your face than the age-old methods involving warm towels or holding your head over a bowl of boiling water.

The Visage Facial Steamer is available to buy online at for £7.99, while stocks last.

In a five-star review of the item, one Aldi customer said: “A great product I brought this to clear up my sinuses but it is also good for clearing up your skin. And helps to open up your pores to have a clearer and healthier skin. I would recommend buying this product as it works wonders on your skin and complexion.”

Standard delivery is free if your order is over £30, otherwise you’ll need to pay £2.95.

If you’d prefer to shop at your local Aldi, you can find out your nearest branch by using the supermarket’s handy store locator tool here. Opening and closing times for each store can be found listed there as well.

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