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Aldi is selling £5.99 pet stairs so your dog can climb onto your bed with ease

If your dog or cat love joining you on the sofa or in bed for a cuddle, these stairs are perfect for giving your pup that helping hand

Aldi has launched its latest pet invention – and shoppers are loving them

If your pooch prefers your bed to their own, Aldi’s latest invention is ideal for making that jump a little easier for your furry friends.

Whether they’ve got little legs, or are not as young as they once were, these pet stairs are a great way for your pup to snuggle up to you with ease – and they’re just £5.99.

We first spotted the handy stairs on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where a savvy shopper posted photos of the latest pet addition.

They captioned the post: “Aldi £5:99 reduced pet stairs my dog struggles getting on my bed so these are ideal.”

The plush stairs are great for helping your pup reach to new heights

Since then, the post has accumulated over 7K comments with many fans raving about the pet stairs.

One happy customer commented: We’ve had stairs for our wee manny, ever since we got him at 8 weeks old, he loves them, still uses them to get on + off our bed + he will be 2 in May! Best purchase ever! We haven’t got these ones, but highly recommend any pet stairs!”

It seems they’re not just for dogs either as one shopper said: “These are great, my dog and cat both use them lol.”

*Please note, for those with larger or older dogs, these stairs may not be suitable as some customers have complained about the quality and sturdiness of the product – so please be wary of this before purchasing. It may even be worth doing a little DIY work on the stairs to make them safer for your precious pup.

The Aldi website says: “Help your cat or small dog with the Pet Collection Sherpa Pet Stairs.

“These cosy steps are perfect for assisting them in climbing and descending from higher levels.

“Compact and lightweight, it’s incredibly easy to relocate when required.”

Best of all? These stairs also double up as a storage unit – perfect for keeping your dogs toys and treats inside (or your own items if space is limited).

If you’ve got a mucky pup on your hands, fear not as the stairs can easily be wiped clean.

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