Advanced User Management Starter Framework for Enterprise Level Solution in .Net 5 & Angular 11

Advanced User Management Starter Framework for Enterprise Level Solution in .Net 5 & Angular 11

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Project description

User management is developed in .Net 5 and Angular, that allows you to easily manage user and role based
authentication and authorization.
If you want to start new project then it would be perfect solution for you because Its develope base on enterprise
level standard for both .Net 5 and Angular 11.
User Management also comes with fully documented JSON API which allows you to easily authenticate users from your
mobile (or any other) application.

It contains two application with Sql server database:

  • Front-end (Angular 11).
  • Rest API (.Net  5)
  • SQL Server Database (All version greater than 2005)

Enterprise level architect for both Front-End and Rest API.

Technical Features:

  1. Source code for angular frontend, .net core REST API
    and Database Script includes with quick start guide document
  2. Follow the Enterprise level architecture standard For
    REST API likes  
    1. Generic Repository Patterns
    2. Unit of work Patterns
    3. Real Time  Notification Using SignalR.
    4. Uses Swagger for API documentation.
    5. Dependency Injection
    6. Mediator patterns
    7. Standard Naming conventions
    8. JWT Token Based Authentication and Claim Based
    9. Less coupling
    10. Easier reuse
    11. Single Responsibility Principle
    12. Open/closed principle
    13. Easy to convert into microservices
    14. Easy to add new modules and modified existing
    15. Async/Await Patterns for Each Methods
    16. Generic way to Handle REST API Status code
    17. Validate Rest Request Entity with Fluent
    18. Store Logging info into Database using NLOG
    19. Client/Server side validation
    20. Fully responsive and User friendly UI
    21. Clean and Optimize code
    22. Quick Guide Documentation to Add New Entity with example and screenshots.
    23. CORS Settings
  1. Follow the Enterprise level architecture standard For
    ANGULAR likes 
    1. Seperate each feature modules
    2. Fully strongly type
    3. Lazy loading
    4. Common Shared Module
    5. Core Module
    6. State Management with NGRX Data
    7. Generic Service for Pagination,Filtering and
    8. Easy to add feature module
    9. Easy to upgrade into latest version
    10. Generic Error Handling
    11. Common HTTP Interceptor to set REST API URL and
      Loading indicator

Functional Feature

  1. Multi Languages support (Multilingual)
    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. Arabic
    4. Russian
    5. Japanese
    6. Korean
    7. Chinese
  2. Login with Register User & Social Media Using Facebook and Google.
  3. Allow Individual User to Login from Specific IP only.
  4. Interactive Dashboard
  5. CRUD Operation Users.
  6. User Listing with Server side pagination,filtering and
  7. CRUD Role And Listing.
  8. Assign Users To Role.
  9. Assign List of Pages/Dialogs Permission to
  10. Assign List of Pages/Dialogs Permission to Individual
  11. CRUD Pages/Dialogs And Listing.
  12. CRUD Action And Listing.
  13. Setup Pages/Dialogs Action Mapping.
  14. Current Online Users.
  15. Forcefully Logout Online Users.
  16. Add Multiple SMTP Settings and Listing.
  17. Save Multiple EMAIL Templates To Send Email.
  18. CRUD Application Setting Parameters.
  19. View Login Audit with User Location.
  20. View Error Logs For REST API and ANGULAR.
  21. User Avatar image on profile.

Technologies Use for projects

  • Front-end (Angular).
    1. Angular 11
    2. Angular Material 11
    3. Bootstrap 4
    4. Ngrx Data
    5. SignalR (@microsoft/signalr)
    6. Multilingual (@ngx-translate/core)
    7. Toastr
    8. Social Media Login (angularx-social-login)
    9. Rich Text Editor (ngx-editor)
  • REST API In .Net 5
    1. .Net 5
    2. Entity framework core 5.0.4
    3. Mediatr 9.0.0
    4. NLog 7.4.9
    5. Automapper 10.1.1
    6. FluentValidation 9.5.3
    7. Swagger API

It can also be used as a starter template those applications need Token and Claim
based Authentication.

Application is designed for extensibility, you can create your own modules and assign
permission to them.

Project Features

  • Role Based Authentication.
  • Individual User Based Authentication.
  • User management.
  • Role Management.
  • Social Media Login (Facebook and Google)
  • View Real Time Online User
  • View REST API and Angular Logs

Project Requirement

  • VS Code and Visual Studio 2019.
  • SQL Server Database.

Latest Technologies

This project covered all the latest technology including .NET 5, EF Core 5, Bootstrap
4 UI framework, Angular 11, Angular Material 11

API Documentation

The REST API project has a well descriptive Swagger API documentation.

Log File

The Client project uses NLog (a 3rd party logger service) to generate a log text file
as well it can be log into SQL database.

Admin User
User Name:
Password: admin@123

Employee User
User Name:
Password: employee@123

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