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Adele’s Brit Awards Comments: Transgender People Have Bigger Concerns

This article contains references to suicide, rape, and sexual assault.

The day this nonsense about Adele at the Brit Awards 2022 kicked off, I was in bed all day. I was woken up by a call letting me know that a transgender friend of mine, Shay, had taken their life because life as a trans person wasn’t worth living. 

I certainly wasn’t on Twitter calling Adele transphobic. Nobody was. Yet out of almost nowhere it became global news that trans people were cAnCelLiNg Adele, a woman, for saying she’s proud to be…wait for it…a woman, while accepting a gender-neutral Brit Award.  

To warrant this becoming global news, you’d think it would have had to be tweeted by a lot of trans people, including prominent trans figures who represent and speak for the community. Instead, when you look up the hashtag on Twitter or look at the press around it, there’s only a handful of tweets – I found three. 

It’s clear what’s going on here: it’s a near-fabricated story the right-wing press are using to turn the public against trans people. Just like the millions of stories before. The saddest thing is, it works.

Most of the trans community was not tweeting, thinking, or feeling offended by Adele’s words. 

This might come as shock to you, but I’m proud to be a woman too – a woman who loves Adele and loves that Adele is proud to be a woman. This might come as an even bigger shock to you, but I don’t want men in women’s bathrooms, either. Nor do any of my trans girlfriends.  

Men are just as much a threat to us as they are to cisgender girls. I say that as someone who’s been raped twice and is subject to the same catcalling and harassment that cisgender women face. I am on your side. WE are on your side. We are not your enemy. Bad men are the enemy, and trans women are not bad men. 

This incredible project captures the beauty of trans women

On a lighter note, the Adele drama reminded me of another fake news piece the right-wing press weaponised against trans people last year. It wasn’t about women this time, it was about a man – a man called Mr Potato Head. 

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