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A sausage dog pancake frying pan has just launched at Ocado – and we’re obsessed

Tuck into a paw-fect treat this Pancake Day with a Tefal sausage dog frying pan

The frying pan is perfect for sausage dog lovers!

Whether you like your crepes thin, drizzled with lemon and sugar, or fluffy and slathered in Nutella, you’ll need one of the best frying pans to make them on Pancake Day – and we’ve got the paw-fect one for dog lovers this Pancake Day.

Online supermarket Ocado has just launched the cutest Tefal Sausage Dog Pancake Frying Pan just in time for the big day on 1st March.

The playful pan features a colourful sausage dog illustration at the bottom to help you create the ultimate masterpiece.

It also comes with a squeezy bottle that has a precision tip to ensure your pancakes are drawn to perfection.

  • Tefal Sausage Dog Pancake Frying Pan, £20 – buy here.

Simply wait until the pan is at cooking temperature – indicated by the Thermospot that will turn bold red – draw the outline so it has time to brown, before filling in the gaps with the rest of the mixture.

The ergonomic handle also ensures that the whole family can enjoy tossing pancakes without fear of burning fingers.

Worried about your pancakes going wrong? Fear not as Tefal’s non-stick coating makes it easier than ever to perfect your flipping abilities – ideal if you’re looking to impress your Instagram followers.

The pan costs just £20 on Ocado, however we’ve also spotted it on Amazon, JD Williams for the same price, or you can get it for slightly less from eBay for just £18.75.

It seems savvy shoppers are loving the frying pan, with happy customers even leaving five-star reviews on Ocado’s website.

One said: “The pan is fab for making pancakes in and I would buy again for that – they came out super even and cooked beautifully!”

Another helpful reviewer giving the pan a five-star review said: “It’s worth putting some of the mixture in a separate bottle or piping bag with some cocoa powder so it thickens and give the outline a darker colour then you can flood the remaining with your normal pancake mix. Wish Ocado sold the other designs but I’m very happy with this one.”

To up your pancake game this year, we’ve also put a list together on the 9 best frying pans to help perfect your flipping skills in time for Pancake Day – from Tefal to Le Creuset.

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