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9 Best Eyelash Serums 2022 for Growth, Length & Volume

Eyelash serums are nothing new in the beauty industry. They’re the ultimate solution if you have thin, damaged and brittle lashes that are in need of some extra TLC. Sure, the true secret to long and thick natural lashes may lie in genetics, but you can also achieve fluttery lashes through prolonged and regular use of eyelash growth serums. It’s official: a daily swipe of lash growth serum across your lash line can give extra length, volume and a mega flutter in a matter of weeks.

Naturally, we have around 200-300 lashes on each eyelid, but we lose roughly four lashes a day. It takes about three months for these full lashes to grow to their original length, before they shed and the whole growth cycle starts again. But in our ongoing effort to bless ourselves with long lashes (on average, they reach about 1cm in length), we’re constantly putting our peepers under undue stress – meaning the process takes longer. 

Even the best mascaras and eyeliners can make our lashes dry and brittle, making them more likely to break off. Vigorous makeup removal can exponentially increase the amount of lashes we shed each evening, while eyelash curlers can place stress at the base of our lashes, prising them out early. Long-wearing and waterproof mascaras are even worse, sometimes requiring intensive removal processes that leave our skin raw and our eyelashes totally frazzled.

Then there’s the issue of false strip lashes and lash extensions, which can create damage by overloading and putting too much weigh on the lashes, while misplaced glue can lead pull out the delicate hairs upon removal leading to areas of lash loss.

There’s also things like wearing a sleep mask at night, which can cause friction and tug at lashes, encouraging them to shed prematurely, as well as bad habits like rubbing your eye area at the end of a long day (even though it feels so. good.). And don’t even get beauty editors started on forgetting to remove makeup before bedtime, which causes mascara to become even drier and your lashes to break off more quickly.

Luckily, thanks to lash enhancing serums, we can recondition and replenish our lashes each evening to mitigate breakage and create a healthy environment for new lashes to grow with a nourishing, nutrient-packed formulas. Specifically, eyelash enhancers filled with peptides, vitamins, and growth-boosting ingredients. Take RevitaLash as an example: it encourages hair growth thicker lashes by simultaneously defending against environmental damage with antioxidant-packed green tea, whilst stimulating strength with a BioPeptin complex.

One user, @hhinton97, took to TikTok to show a before and after of using the trending RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – which is considered one of the best lash serums out there – every day. As you can tell, her inconsiderable lashes doubled in length.

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At £89 for 2ml (which will last you for roughly three months), it is an investment, but the results speak for themselves – even Meghan Markle‘s a fan. She previously told Allure “I use RevitaLash on my eyelashes, and I swear they are as long as they could ever be.” You’re basically investing in constant falsies.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

To help you pick the eyelash conditioning serum that suits your needs and preferences best, we’ve put together a guide to the very best eyelash serums on the market to fit every budget – according to a dermatologist. From cruelty-free formulas to the best eyelash growth serums for sensitive eyes and hydrating eyelash serums that thicken, we’ve whittled down the very best of the bunch.

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Here’s our edit of the best eyelash serums to nourish and strengthen your lashes properly…

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