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8 Stunning Fall and Winter Chunky Boots To Add To Your Closet

Footwear is addictive. The right shoe can make or break an outfit. Chunky boots allow for casual chic for any time of the day. Here’s some chunky style boots you may want to add to your collection!

In the interest of keeping the list manageable, we will be focusing on the shorter chunky boots so knee and thigh chunky will not be included here but…be on the lookout later!

Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots

On the pricier end these Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots from COS just look like they have staying power and omg they look hefty and versatile. I love the lower heel on these since it’s still stylish and easy to wear for those of us who can’t handle longer heels regularly.

chunky boots: lace up hiker

If lace-ups are more your style, here’s a gorgeous pair of chunky lace-up hiker boots from Torrid! Do you see the way they pop with those blue jeans? Gorgeous with an more affordable tag of $75.50! And they have payment plan options through Klarna! So there’s no reason not to get them.

Chunky boots are a weakness. They always give “fun” and “ready for combat.” Let these adorable boots from Koi Footwear dazzle your friends! It’s only £45 which becomes $60.90 USD! If you love stars and moon like me, this may be a must-have.

With a name like that. This boot on Sorel is also on the pricier end at $160, but it’s sleek and could go well with jeans or even business suit attire giving it that much-needed pop! I love the neon trim on the back loop!

Who said boots had to be black or white? Certainly not me, and certainly not Guess. The boot’s design may look standard but it’s about the color here friends! Available in four colors on DSW, all for $79.99!

After I said the other boots from Koi Footwear looked combat-ready, this banger of a pair said “hold my beer!” I am always a fan of green, it’s my fave and to see the green laces, soles and . All of this deliciousness for only £32.99 or $44.64 USD all I can do is fight the shopaholic shoulder angel, whispering devilishly for me to purchase asap!

Ignore the long name and just look at how…delectable these boots are. Maybe you want pockets with your boots or pouches. I do! Will I use them? I’ll probably forget, but I want them anyway. Public Desire lives up to the name and this boot is only $49.99! And yes, they also come in black!

I would wear this with everything. And I feel like half the key to a jaw-dropping ensemble is confidence. Long dress, short skirt, shorts, jeans; these boots would stand out and announce your presence! Koi Footwear does it again! The boot is £60 or $81.25 but I’ve never seen a boot that gave me Tron vibes and I am here for it!

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