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8 Must-Have Color Shoes To Wear With A Blush Dress

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Blush is a chic color that’s trending right now, but what colors do you style it with? Here are the best color shoes to wear with a blush dress.

We love all shades of pink, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the blush color. What exactly is blush? It’s a shade of medium light pink that sometimes varies.

Some blush hues have more of a peachy undertone, while some have a mauve tone. Blush is taking over fashion trends for being a hyper-feminine color that is understated yet super chic and well-loved by ladies.

Blush can either be worn for a casual look, for a cocktail party, for a baby shower, and it’s even a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses at weddings! You can never go wrong with blush and pale pink dresses. It’s a fashionable color that deserves to be paired with only the best shoe colors on the market.

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on just one pair of shoes! To help you make the perfect choice that will also reflect your personal style, here are 8 must-have different color shoes that work perfectly with your blush dress.

(However, it’s good to keep in mind that the general rule of thumb when wearing a blush dress is to go with light, neutral shoes since they work with any color, and you probably already have a great pair in your wardrobe!)

The Best Shoe Colors To Wear With Blush Dresses

1. Nude Shoes

Nude shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they will help to create a subtle and timeless look. Nude shoes can also be worn with a variety of different dress colors, making them a versatile choice.

Since this shade will blend with your skin tone, it will also give the illusion of longer legs!

To complete your look, accessorize with a little silver clutch. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels or beige sandals!

2. White Shoes

White shoes are a perfect option for a blush dress because they will help to brighten up the look. White is a gorgeous shoe color that will go well with your pale pink dress since it will enhance your femininity.

Pairing white shoes with a blush dress will also create a clean and cohesive look. If you want to go casual, a great choice would be some white sneakers or a pair of white boots!

3. Gold Shoes

Gold shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they will help to create an eye-catching look, and they can be an accessory on their own.

Blush pink can be both a cool and a warm tone depending on your dress, so choose your golden shoes accordingly: for warmer blush tones, you can boldly wear yellow gold shoes. For neutral or slightly cooler toned dresses, opt for a champagne gold shoe instead.

Metallic shoes generally go very well with other dress colors, making them a versatile choice, especially for a formal event. If you want to go for a more understated look, you can also opt for shoes that have small gold accents, such as thin strappy heels.

4. Silver Shoes

As we mentioned, blush pink dresses can have cool and warm undertones depending on the exact shade of the dress (and your own skin tone). If your blush pink dress is more pink than it is peach, silver shoes are a great option.

They will help to create a glamorous look and add a bit of sparkle or sheen to your outfit – perfect for any event where you want to stand out. How about a pair of silver pointed-toe pumps with low heels? Classy and chic.

5. Rose Gold Shoes

Rose gold shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they will help to create an eye-catching look. Rose and blush are within the same color family, so they will look super good together!

For your next cocktail party, get a pair of rose gold shoes, and ladies from left and right will be asking you where you got them.

6. Burgundy Shoes

If you want a subtle pop of color, go for burgundy! Burgundy shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they are from the same color family and have very similar undertones.

How often have you seen wedding mood boards, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding flowers in both shades mixed together? Exactly.

7. Light Grey Shoes

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Light grey shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they will help to create an understated look. This shoe color is especially great if you’re looking for an outfit for a casual occasion, and don’t want to go for your usual nude shoes.

Like silver, light grey goes well with blush pink because of its cool undertone – just make sure that

8. Black Shoes

Black shoes are a great option for blush dresses because they will help to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Like nude and white, black is a neutral color that can also be worn with many different dress colors.

While we would urge you to go with lighter shades before opting for black shoes, you can make this combination work by adding in other accessories that match your black shoes, like a nice black leather jacket over your shoulders. Now you have a rocker chic look that’s equal parts badass and dainty!


The next time you want to wear a beautiful blush dress, consider pairing it with one of these must-have color shoes! Each shoe style can be worn over and over again, making them ideal choices that won’t break the bank.

We are big fans of pairing blush pink with other light colors, such as nudes and whites. With that said, blush also pairs perfectly with metallic shoe shades as long as you make sure the undertones of each match.

We would urge you to try staying away from black shoes, simply because we love light shades together. But ultimately, the decision is yours!

We hope you found your next pair of shoes from this list! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.

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